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Being Neighborly

Moving sucks. I think we can agree on that. The packing and relocating and unpacking. It’s quite a big to do.

Moving in Beijing sucks even more because even if you can speak fluent Mandarin you still run into a problem: hutongs. 229 woorden meer

Live Life

Matchday 11 Preview - A Friendly Reminder About Okinawa

With Dokdo safely in Korean hands thanks to Wednesday night’s win for Suwon, today’s game at the Madeul Stadium (Seoul Utd vs FC Ryukyu) reverts to being a simple pre-season friendly with nothing more than bragging rights at stake. 407 woorden meer


Day #9 – Melting Pot? Salad Bowl? Point of Prayer!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, February 27, 2015

Day #9 – Melting Pot? Salad Bowl? Point of Prayer!

Multi-cultural America is sometimes called the melting pot. 470 woorden meer

Environmental Thinking With Your Investments

We believe our rental tenants are like VIP clients. Therefore we are quick to resolve any issues.

So when I was advised the stove in one property was broken again, I knew it was time the oven needed to be replaced (I took the photo so I could remember which element wasn’t working this time). 141 woorden meer


Mobile Friendly Websites to Rank Better on Google | Official

Google announced they will expand their use of “mobile friendliness as a ranking signal”. Mobile and responsive websites – what are they and which is best for you?

Everyone Wins With Eco-friendly Floor Cleaning Products in Buffalo, NY

When floor cleaning products in Buffalo, NY go green, everyone’s a winner. The planet isn’t the only beneficiary, as people can also live and breathe easier in a clean environment. 85 woorden meer