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Everyone's Bubby - by grandson Yehuda Kraines

Bubby. Our bubby. Everybody’s bubby.

That’s what everyone’s saying, its not just my bubby.It was our bubby.

It was our bubby.  Bubby used to buy things for people just because she knew them. 982 woorden meer

Why 'The BFG' is about toxic masculinity

by Percy Palling

Stephen Spielberg is a well-noted liberal, as shown by his hatred of Trump supporters (aka Nazis) in Shindler’s List. But I’d never expected until now that he’d also be a radically progressive feminist campaigner, as is currently shown in his latest film, The BFG. 411 woorden meer

I have been here for 7 years now…and I still LOVE it here. Lori (maintenance) keeps everything smelling and looking clean, clean, clean and Mike (maintenance) goes above and beyond all the time…The office staff are always friendly and willing to help..response time is excellent.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services in Vancouver is the Next Big Thing

Summer is the perfect time to arrange a professional house cleaning, as many homeowners leave on their annual vacation or need to get their second home ready for their summer break. 101 woorden meer


Dealing with a Pessimist

A pessimist is, “a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy”. (www.dictionary.com/browse/pessimist)

Dealing with a pessimist is hard. They are always so negative, they always complain, and they think everyone in the world is out to get them. 683 woorden meer