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Sometimes, a quote can truly hit the nail on the head

I absolutely loved a quote today via a facebook comment on the Friendly Atheist page, concerning this screaming loony…

He goes by the name Joshua Fluggegecheimen (that’s either his surname or the devastating sex toy used on Eurotrip after the unfortunate guy gets the safe word mixed up) and fears a ‘Christian holocaust’. 47 woorden meer


On Pathfinder Revolution Plus 18 Inch Checkpoint Friendly Wheeled Briefcase

You can strengthen and boost your company’s internal and perimeter network safety by acquiring the services of a certified checkpoint engineer. Safety vulnerabilities of private and public networks are true issues that ought to be addressed decisively.Without a… 297 woorden meer

Thoughts Olympia Academy 17 Inch Deluxe BackPackEco Friendly

Iuka seems to be a relatively peaceable rural spot, and it appears to be a reasonably protected place, just not one with quite a bit happening. 162 woorden meer


up throat
a person losing eye
fly from those


speak when
chairs float
with winged bodies
owl beak
spills houses… 392 woorden meer

Cloth pads

Cloth pads are a type of reusable period product made of fabric. It says it in the name. Cloth pads are in the same shape as pads but also com in different shapes and sizes, they come with and without wings. 458 woorden meer


Sea sponges

Sea sponges are reusable, hypo allergenic, door resistant period products.  Sea sponges are plant-like organisms that grow in colonies in the ocean.  They are the simplest multi-cellular creatures in the animal kingdom.Sea sponges are a naturally renewable resource as they have the ability to regenerate from fragments left from the original sponge. 389 woorden meer