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REVIEW: Double Decker: Doug & Kirill (Episode 8)

Episode 8: Dancing! Academy! Investigation!

In a formulaic continuation of spending entire episodes delving into a specific agent’s irrelevant backstory, Maxine (“Max”), aka “Boxer” is up next, and by extension, her partner Yuri, aka “Robot.” On one hand, a platitude-drenched, cliche-driven slog of a twenty minutes. 1.046 woorden meer


The General's Manor Chapter 2

Chapter 2 <—-If you’re a ro—-bot, click here.

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Sorry for the long wait. Since this is a side project, I’ve only work on this when I’m dizzy over the Feng Shui stuff and want a break from Ghosts Know. 81 woorden meer


REVIEW: Bloom Into You (Episode 5)

Episode 5: The Problem With Choices

The slow burn continues to sputter at ignition, and that’s the best tagline I’ve got. 696 woorden meer


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Spooky Situations:  The Three Headed Group Project Goblin

Hello, my name is Rebecca, and I am a scaredy cat.

I HATE horror movies with a burning passion. I hate blood, I hate gore, I hate jump scares, and I hate misogynistic subplots. 755 woorden meer


REVIEW: Bloom Into You (Episode 4)

Episode 4: The Distance Between Fondness and Kisses / Not One of the Characters | 好きとキス距離/役者じゃない

Bloom Into You is nothing if not a slow burn, but even “burn” has been an exaggeration when protagonist Yuu hasn’t had even a modestly lukewarm shade of attraction toward Touko. 1.249 woorden meer


REVIEW: Bloom Into You (Episode 1-3)

Bloom Into You | やがて君になる
Release: 2018

Nio Nakatani’s popular yuri manga-turned-anime has already drawn attention just three episodes into its 13-episode run. At face value, it’s hardly groundbreaking: a high school GL romance featuring a popular and intelligent student council president ‘seme’ with long silky black hair, and a younger light-haired ‘uke’ who stumbles around awkwardly and isn’t notably capable at doing anything except capturing the previous girl’s heart. 1.614 woorden meer