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In Noorwegen zie je met kerst overal peperkoekjes. Ik heb ze vandaag zelf gemaakt. Je kunt op internet heel veel recepten vinden. Deze heb ik gebruikt: 100 gram boter, 300 gram bloem, 200 gram kristalsuiker, 1 el stroop, 1 tl gemalen gember, 2 tl gemalen kaneel, 1 tl gemalen kruidnagel, 1 tl gemalen kardemom, 1 tl bakpoeder, 100 ml water. 112 woorden meer

Mid-fire glaze tests

After I saw some glaze tests that were fired above 1200ÂșC I wanted to try some glazes for higher temperatures. I like my earthenware glazes, especially the colours, but looking at these glazes it just seemed that a lot more had been going on during firing. 367 woorden meer


Glaze tests

The kiln I unloaded last week had a lot of glaze tests in it. I’ll share a few of those here…

I made a mistake by mixing my off-white speckled base glaze with zircopax, because of that the colour turned cool en the contrast between de speckles and the base colour was now too big. 349 woorden meer


Ball mill

Last week I had the opportunity to buy a second-hand ball mill and to do some testing with it.

One of my favorite glazes is a bit difficult to preserve due to crystallization. 177 woorden meer


Le super awesome verjaardagstaart

Het is weer even stil geweest op TVVT; misschien hadden we zelf niet genoeg vrije tijd, misschien hebben we onze vrije tijd opgeofferd aan andere onzin. 803 woorden meer

Crater glaze

Yesterday some crater glaze tests came out of the kiln. To make the tests I added silicon carbide to some low fire commercial base glazes and I used a recipe from… 68 woorden meer