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Running Evolution Of Remicoin Indicate...

Remicoin provides an instantly accessible method of transferring funds on global scale.It is a code which representing value that is circulated online. This is more commercially accepted by users and merchants… 156 woorden meer


Buy more saltpeter!

In the article about Humberstone, I had already shown a few of the placards which I found in the museum there.

Most of them were from the first decades of the 20th century. 222 woorden meer


Transnational family, temporality and media

On September 7-8, I attended a thematic research workshop at the University of Portsmouth (UK). The theme of the workshop, quite vividly corresponding to the urban life in many global cities, especially in Asia, is transnationalism. 357 woorden meer

New Media

Carlos Ghosn On His Life ,Identity And Globalization

The first I heard of Carlos Ghosn was a decade ago. My friend Damien was his head of automotive-train research and boy did he hero-worship the man! 1.035 woorden meer


Readers of the world unite

Reading in a tea shop in Istanbul. Photo by Louis Grandadam/Getty

How markets, Marx, and provincial elites created world literature to fight both empire and nationalism…

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Things I never expected from Germany

At first glance, globalization has made many European cities indistinguishable from each other: the same McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Aldis pop up on many European high streets. 647 woorden meer

Englishman Abroad

The War on English (from a Humanities Perspective)

It never occurred to me that the “view” on studying English and humanities was unwelcome by a lot of people – until I started studying English. 510 woorden meer