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by Steve Attridge, Guest Waking Times

Fear is a weapon. It is also a deadly disease, far more potent than Corona virus. It also tells us much about our society, our relationships and ourselves. 659 woorden meer


Navigating the Coronavirus Era

I’ll have to be honest. When I first heard about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan in January, I didn’t think it would escalate and result in countries around the world scrambling for a way to mitigate the spread. 632 woorden meer


ماذا يُغيّر «كورونا» في العالم؟

سعاده مصطفى أرشيد

انطلاقاً من قواعد النسبية وأن لا وجود لخير مطلق أو شر مطلق في العالم المحسوس، وبعيداً عن مالتوس ونظريته السكانية، وعن نظريات المؤامرة التي تزدهر في مثل هذه الأوقات، نتساءل ونحن نرى هذا الوباء يفترس النفوس البشرية، ويذهب بالناس وآمالهم وأحلامهم وأموالهم باتجاهات مجهولة، فهل يمكن الأخذ بنسبية الأشياء والقول إنّ الوباء من الممكن له أن يكون سبباً في انفراج بعض من أزمات عالمنا العربي ومشرقنا المثقل بالهموم، والتي لا تقلّ وحشية وفتكاً وبالآثار المدمّرة على مستقبل أبنائنا من الوباء. 762 woorden meer


What to Remember When this is All Over

Is the world ever going to be the same again?  It can’t be.  COVID 19 is the canary in the coal mine.

It’s changing the power balance between traditional “superpowers”.  655 woorden meer

This is a big development: Chinese community builds Cuba's first soy sauce factory

The Jewish Political Establishment in America has worked hard, for going on a century, to make sure that no business enters communist Cuba.  China’s new… 22 woorden meer

Step Number One

Stephen Toulmin’s proposal of a return to a modest Renaissance humanism sounds wonderful (as a fresh start, so to speak, and only a start) compared to dogmatic ideology-fetishizing modernism on the one hand, or the arguably even  worse alternative of polysyllabic post-modernist nihilism on the other. 55 woorden meer

How do we fight Establishment Jewish Globalism? With your version, my version and China's version of globalism: inclusive globalism- not abusive and exploitative globalism

In other words, beat the globalists at their own game by knowing Globalism and using it responsibly!   This is their Achilles Heel.  As COVERT Experts of globalism and globalization, they don’t WANT people to know how they operate. 30 woorden meer