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Dutch Lies Over Putin’s ‘Aggression’ Expose NATO War Agenda

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 15.02.2018

Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte was this week forced to bear a parliamentary vote of no confidence after his foreign minister finally came clean over a dangerous lie he has been telling for two years concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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WATCH: the Dutch Foreign Minister in 2016 lying about Putin to inflame fears of Russian invasion

Halbe Zijlstra, Dutch Foreign Minister has confessed he has been lying for some time about an alleged personal encounter with Vladimir Putin – which, it turns out never actually happened. 147 woorden meer

Dutch foreign minister quits after lying about Putin meeting — The Crusader Journal

By Anthony Deutsch AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch Foreign Minister Halbe Zijlstra quit on Tuesday after admitting that he had fabricated a story about attending a meeting in 2006 at which he said Russian President Vladimir Putin had outlined a strategy for building a greater Russia.

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The Crusader Journal

Amsterdam 1 - Milan 0

London is losing the European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam now that we’re leaving the EU. Brexit has led to a scramble for agencies – so far, the Medicines Agency and the Banking Agency. 381 woorden meer