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Waar ligt de grens?

In Maart had ik weer een vol loopprogramma: De 10 km in Den Haag, de halve marathon van de Drunense Duinenloop, de Roetersrun en als afsluitend hoogtepunt de halve marathon van Berlijn. 1.287 woorden meer

Run, run | Last weeks training

In order to get more structure at my blog and in the subjects that I write about I decided to write once a week about my training. 402 woorden meer


Dear diary | 20

Another week, another dear diary. I went for a run, worked and enjoyed my free time.  414 woorden meer


Personal | Decisions to make

It’s the last time a little quiet here, I’m sorry! I haven’t been in the position to write that much as I wanted even though I have enough subjects in my head. 356 woorden meer


Run, run | An update

As you all known I did run the Egmond half marathon and I finished the half marathon. But like I said I would go for my third half marathon right after Egmond and that would be the half marathon Groet uit Schoorl. 486 woorden meer


Dear diary | 18

Yes it has been a week since the half marathon. Time really flies right now and with my study and upcoming resist it is even flying harder…. 562 woorden meer


Race recap | Egmond, Half marathon

Never ever will I run a half marathon again. Why the hell did I even sign up for this? Like it is winter with a fall storm and which idiot will run at the beach for like 7k? 1.220 woorden meer