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Homeric Epic in The Assault

Does any of the parts in The Assault by Harry Mulisch resemble a Homeric epic? Which part in The Assault and which epic by Homer? Compare and contrast. 114 woorden meer

Classical References & Allusions : The Assault vs T S Eliot's Poems vs A View from the Bridge

Do the classical references and allusions in The Assault, T S Eliot’s poems and A View from the Bridge serve different purposes?
Comment on their employment. 130 woorden meer

Encounters : The Assault vs Out Stealing Horses

Compare and contrast the encounters of childhood acquaintances:
Classmates Anton Steenwijk and Fake Ploeg in The Assault vs Neighbours Lars and Trond in Out Stealing Horses. 114 woorden meer

Children, smiling

Nothing exists that does not exist somewhere else.
– Jeroen Brouwers 456 woorden meer


The truth as a lie

“Oh Father!” Ubbe cried. “Then I’ve lied the truth!”

In a tale called de sprong der paarden en de zoete zee (in English: ‘the horses’ jump and the sweet sea’) Dutch author Harry Mulisch narrates the myth of Schokland, an ancient island in the Zuiderzee, a former inland sea in the North of the Netherlands now known as the IJsselmeer. 339 woorden meer


The Assault : A War, More Battles, Solo Struggles

# Harry Mulisch
A book that begins at the end of the Second World War in 1945 but more than the war, it’s about battles of ideology mixed with power or battles for power seasoned with ideology in occupied Netherlands, and personal struggles. 84 woorden meer