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A Little Background.

Baking was my biggest hobby in primary school. I would be so eager to come home and make something I wouldn’t check I had all the ingredients before creaming the butter and sugar together. 187 woorden meer


Dear Feelin Good AF Reader,

First things first, why I’m having this blog? Am I an expert in feeling good?

NO! I’m not an expert in feeling good… 200 woorden meer

Piinky and the Brain

Hello and welcome to my blog – fashion, beauty and lifestyle xox



Recently a good friend of mine started a blog. Part of his “homework” on mastering his personal development is to write about his journey. He goes on to describe the excitement of this new chapter of his life in the world of blogging. 162 woorden meer


Word Deprivation

I’m kind of mad that I haven’t been writing anything on here lately. I haven’t been writing anything at all, actually. So I thought I’d just write whatever. 517 woorden meer

The Transformation

 Fiendishly dreadful snap, crackle, and pop of skeleton and the tearing of ligaments, echos off of the anxious slick walls, leading down the grim corridor. Silently terrified candles breathe unsteadily. 72 woorden meer

Introducing Me

Hello, my name is Kane Welsh (that’s me up the top there). I’m 21 years of age and I was born, and have lived almost the entirety of my life, in Auckland, New Zealand. 353 woorden meer