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Hello World

So what does a college senior do with his week off, besides sleeping and downloading all the free movies and porn that he can lay his hands on? 350 woorden meer


Heyo, it's ChrisX and his Intro Post

I’m a programmer who has passions for fictions or video games. And in this blog, I’ll be posting a lot of things that comes to my mind about the fictions and the world within there. 262 woorden meer



Other than my super interesting pathetic introduction on my first blog post, I haven’t really spoken about myself all that much. Since my first post, around three months ago, events have changed slightly, so this is basically an updaed version of how things are going. 625 woorden meer


How To Be Civil With An Ex-BFF

(Image obtained from http://www.thewhy.com/wp-content/uploads/Frenemy-710×590.jpg)

No more tags, no more group-selfies and no more instant likes on your Instagram feed. The squad has officially disbanded and now you’re both playing on different teams. 687 woorden meer