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Felt like starting a blog probably deserved an introduction to who I am and what I’m doing here so…

My name is Katie. I am currently 17 (18 in 5 days eek!) and am studying alevels at college in Winchester, England. 172 woorden meer

Find your magic

Find a way to find your magic. It is still in there. The trick is feeling it once again.


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“Modern Oracle: Hello” 10 woorden meer


Hello, My Name is Frank |indie Trailer Thursdays

Comedy about Frank, a hermit with Tourette Syndrome who is thrust into the harsh realities of the world when his caregiver dies. After recognizing that Frank is despondent, the caregiver’s teenage daughter, Laura, drags a reluctant Frank along on a life-changing road trip with Laura and her friends.

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Hello everone!

Im very excited because I have just launched my new blog gardenscribbles!


Please head over and check it out!

It is going to be solely about my gardening life and a constant update on how and whats growing in my garden! 126 woorden meer


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