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HAIKU -- 08052015

the mouse in the wall

should have taken the cheese as our last

and final offer!

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Review: The Brevity of Twit by K.D. Rose

Humor in 140 characters or less.

A witty walk through the minefield of tweeting, twitter, and the many uses we have socially for it. From serious poetry to a scandalous take on improper grammar, this fast paced take on the brevity of chatting in 140 characters or less will have you falling in love with tweeting all over again. 689 woorden meer

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The 2nd McDonald's Run

1am. McDonald’s. My sister and me role up to the drive thru. We debate at the speaker for a few minutes when my sister blurts out “I WANT A CHICKEN NUGGET HAPPY MEAL!” The person speaking to us goes, “Uhhhhh… okay, would you like gogurt, or apple fries?” She yells “APPLEEEE FRIEEESSSS!!” I start giggling uncontrollably. 122 woorden meer