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Thought of the Day--3/22/2018

Thought of the Day—If today truly is the first day of the rest of my life, would all of my other days just be considered practice runs?


How to fight inertia, sweatpants and go out dancing

1. Are you already in sweatpants? Did you take your bra off?
It’s too late. You will not go dancing. Inertia has won. Start again. 788 woorden meer


Barb Grabbing Barbed Wire

Barb was feeling solid that day. Clem had his good tie and hat on (the one that covered his high and tight, Macklemorey, I was Fascist when Fascist wasn’t cool… 65 woorden meer


But I Don’t Know Anyone by that Name

I don’t know anyone named Rosemary,

and even if I did wouldn’t she take offense at being sniffed? At least I’d most likely remember the experience.

Peace, people.



Schrifttekens die lijken op de beeldtaal van de Egyptenaren, maar die een paar landen verderop zijn gevonden.

© Rick Ruhland 2018


Stamgast van de Fulmar Inn: Koos

Om een idee te geven wie er zoal in de Fulmar Inn komen (hier en hier meer informatie over deze kroeg) is het misschien handig om wat meer te vertellen over de stamgasten en de uitbater. 474 woorden meer