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The Thatha Who Didn’t Behave like other Thatha’s

Muruguappa Nayar; was a ripe octogenarian who was quite energetic for his age, but for all purposes did not like being called a Buddha. Never once did he avail the old citizen discount when he strutted outside to the downtown market… 1.179 woorden meer


"My children never did that" - A comedy

Picture a woman walking towards you in Target.  She’s pushing a cart. Inside the cart is a young boy, kindergarten age sitting quietly. Outside the cart is a 3 year old screaming, ‘I don’t WANT to WALK!” He is walking – sort of, but he’s pushed himself between the cart and his mother’s legs in a desperate attempt to stop her from moving. 1.846 woorden meer

General Musings

How to get kids to eat less chips

“Well kids, they might be chips and they might be cobras. How about a nice apple instead?”


Netflix and Chaos

Sometimes I feel sorry for Netflix. Well, as sorry as one can feel towards a combination of old style in-home Blockbuster and new-age Artificial Intelligence. 660 woorden meer


Love: A Dilemma of Uncertainties and Trust

Love is a force that can be used positively and negatively.

looking into definitions of love, I have come to realise it is a dilemma  between “uncertainties and trust”. 295 woorden meer

Writing / Blogging

Why 25th July 2017 Was Important To Me?

On 25th July 2017, a bunch of us were sworn in or shackled (*as Duke of Yore quips) for a term of yet another 5 years! 401 woorden meer