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My Crazy Uncle Used to Tell Me... Part Trois

After a long hiatus – it’s time for more lessons from my crazy uncle.

  • Never put yarn in a toaster.
  • If at first you don’t succeed bring more pheasants.
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What is it about a clear counter

always instantly attracts stuff… Sometimes even bunnies.

What Kind of Meat are You?

Way back when, back before I had teenagers, back before I knew what a blog was, back when Microsoft had Front Page and we did html by hand… 330 woorden meer


An Awkward Moment In Time

Awkward is missing just the right spots when shaving so that it appears as though you’re sporting a Hitler-stache. And you don’t know enough about Charlie Chaplin to make the claim that you’re honoring him, and not one of the most detestable men in human history.


Get Hard At Home, Bum Out & Read Some Fucking Plato

I had a bad day, even for me. Us Slothwrights can put up with a fuckton of rat poop, but today was just a few too many servings of those nasty little pellets. 113 woorden meer



Sometimes I see trending hashtags & I have an instant thought.

No, I didn't stop at Taco Bell on my way home… …& dispose of the evidence.

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That awkward "Not a teenager, not yet a soccer mom" phase of clothing.

I used to understand clothes. Even if I wasn’t always up to date on all the latest trends and fashions, I at least knew the basics. 687 woorden meer