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Things that suck when going to a gay bar as a lesbian.

(And by “things that suck” I don’t mean your gay friend who’s a dude OR his ex-boyfriend that he brought along for some reason.)

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while, but I always assumed these strange issues were specific to my local gay bars, and let me tell you, Indianapolis is not really the place to get any kind of experience there. 550 woorden meer

Missy & George: A Documentary 5/25/2016

“Sure, there’s other things I’d rather be doing than laying around playing with this squeaky alligator, but it’s a living.”


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Praise Be To The Intertubes

From the 1996 archives…

Hello dear reader(s)!

10110001101010001101001011010  Do you know what that says in binary?  Well, I don’t.  It’s probably nonsense if it says anything.   976 woorden meer


How May We Hate You, by Anna Drezen and Todd Dakotah Briscoe 

I was super excited to receive this book in the mail, not only because it was my first book from BloggingForBooks.com, but because I know it was a humorous book. 268 woorden meer

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I Thought the Headache, Congestion & Depression Were Enough

I thought the headache, congestion, and general misery of being sick while being depressed were enough.  I thought I was sick enough.  This is a “normal” cold, I suppose. 788 woorden meer

Second-Most Popular

The next time I am asked why I moved to Lebanon, I will claim it is nothing remarkable, because Lebanon is the second-most popular country for immigrants.