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Cool for Cats - A Playlist Dedicated to Cat Lovers ... and their Cats!

This playlist is dedicated to my fellow cat lovers. In particular, it was inspired by a little, black, furry ball of mischief named Monty, who’s turned my flat into his own flying circus. 93 woorden meer


267. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, May 25th, 7:00pm
Trevor and Gloria

Trevor: You know what tonight is, right?

Gloria: Oh no, what now?

Trevor: It’s 70s night.

Gloria: Lovely. 86 woorden meer

Short Stories

Jodorowsky's Dune

When a visionary genius tries to make a mind-blowing movie about a popular young man who is fond of spice and worms, he is thwarted by a bunch of accountants. 11 woorden meer


Oh Yeah, And I Wore Blue

I am making my post late in the day on Memorial Day (although my page, for reasons best known to itself, says it is tomorrow already).  811 woorden meer


Proof That Charles Johnson Is Not Obsessed With Charles Johnson.

CroMagnon’s Tweet speaks for itself. Here’s the full monty below the break. If you want to peruse Charles F. Johnson’s stalking & harrassment of Charles C. 59 woorden meer

Little Green Footballs

Fixer Upper

  1. HGTV program dedicated to advancing the cause of distressed furniture everywhere
  2. HGTV program with a hidden agenda to place huge clocks, old bottles/jars, rusty antiques, barn doors and distressed furniture into every house in America…
  3. 241 woorden meer

Brief Conversations with Men in White Lab Coats: The Art of Making Eye Contact with Someone Who’s Probed You

If I was to look at an index of all of the searches that I’ve ever made in Google, August 2013 would probably show one strange result: Making eye contact with a gastroenterologist. 850 woorden meer

Chronic Illness