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A short about naps

Not necessarily stories, but short scribbles that I think are worth mentioning ……….

I wish I was better at napping

The males in my household (think husband and dog) can nap just about anywhere at any time, planned or unplanned. 398 woorden meer


The Hangover

“Oh God… where is the ibuprofen?” This is a thought we have all immediately woken up with at least once, assuming you drink of course… otherwise, why are you reading this? 942 woorden meer

Showing some skin...

Because I heard it sells!

I thought, “Hey! Why not give people what they want, and boost my stats a little??” One little picture, from me to you all, as a pre-Christmas gift of some sort. 176 woorden meer


Cats Don't Care About Christmas

This next song arose from an offhand comment from my dad while I was talking with him last year about not really getting in the spirit of Christmas anymore, yet writing Christmas songs anyway. 278 woorden meer


Did The Russians Hack Santa's Naughty List?

The big news out of the North Pole tonight, Modern Philosophers, is that Russian hackers are suspected of attempting to hack Santa Claus’ Naughty List. 445 woorden meer