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"The Sign of the Beast" by Richard F. Yates

Tremble in terror…

Those who rally under the Sign of the Beast care not for the happiness or lives of others. Their world revolves instead around greed and the accumulation of power. 22 woorden meer


"St. Snake" by Richard F. Yates

St. Snake prepares to bestow his blessing…

—Richard F. Yates


Can We Fight The Media River?

I called and spoke to my parents the other day.

It is always a pleasure to chew the fat with the old father. We were talking of this and that – me trying desperately to get a word in edgeways. 884 woorden meer


“I hate you.” She whispers as she cuts his hair while he’s unconscious.

She snuck into his house and drugged his glass of water because he filed a sexual harassment complaint against her at work. She’s his boss so Human Resources actually believed that she sexually harassed him. 52 woorden meer