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Dialing Theron Number

Earlier today, I was at Best Buy looking for a new home phone.  (Disclaimer: A telephone is a device for transmitting audio messages from one person to another using an advanced form of communications called “complete sentences”.   213 woorden meer


Things Overheard This Week, episode 12

I am getting later and later with these weekly installments, aren’t I? Maybe you’ve been complaining, but I haven’t heard you with my face buried in a jar of homemade coconut butter. 391 woorden meer


Stress, And Your Body Thinking It Might Die

You have a headache, an upset stomach, problems getting to sleep, elevated blood pressure and chest pains.

If you looked this up on WebMd.com you’d probably think you were dying from some sort of horrifying disease. 563 woorden meer

Self Help

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4/26/2015 11:55 a.m.

I must really care about my writing because as the plane ascends and hits a rough patch, I wonder how I’m supposed to be able to reach overhead for the oxygen without losing my pen and paper. 153 woorden meer

The end of hope

I’m tired of believing.

Tired of wishing on stars.

Tired of dreaming the impossible dream.

Tired of waiting for answers.

Tired of hoping things will change. 124 woorden meer

Witty Humor

Targeted Ad FAIL

I’m on to you Amazon.

Every time I search for something, it shows up on my Facebook page. You think you’re pretty tricky, don’t you? Well, guess what? 224 woorden meer


The Pizza Nuke

“Now I am become pizza, the destroyer of hunger.”

The Rundown

If there’s one thing that’s important in life, it’s trust. You trusted your parents as an infant not to drop you or let you fall, and you trusted them as you were a toddler not to dress you in doofy outfits for holidays and family get-togethers. 668 woorden meer