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I’m jealous of the shadow
You cast upon the ground
Jealous of the honeybee
That follows you around

I’m jealous of the choral birds
That wake you from your sleep… 117 woorden meer


Forever Jung

I’m sorry. This has nothing to do with Karl Jung, I just liked the way it sounded as I title. I know the title may have given you the wrong impression, but that is ultimately irrelevant. 620 woorden meer

Hello, Friend

I’ve noticed that a few females I know have started using “friend” as a way to address me (e.g., “I agree, friend,” “Oh friend, it was awful,” “That’s good stuff, friend”). 308 woorden meer


Of Politics, Pokemon, And Surviving The Collector Gene

Mankind survives because of the collector gene.

If you don’t believe me,

think about the family next door to you.

The ones who,

due to the fact that your great-grandmother… 826 woorden meer