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I haven’t been around much this week. I’ve been the victim of the attack of a noxious antibiotic. A vile, loathsome, yucky antibiotic. Seriously, I was sick as hell the other day. 118 woorden meer


Friday Funny June 22, 2018 Tom Swifties

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!  Wishing you a great first weekend of summer.  This week, I dug up some Tom Swifties, a type of pun. 125 woorden meer


My Secrets Revealed *The Liebster Award*

Well, I have been officially been nominated for my second award. And even though I can’t believe that I have been nominated for one award, I guess it is time for me to accept I am officially (kind of) a blogger. 1.622 woorden meer


Status: tålamodet tryter

På söndag är det 4 veckor sen vi hade översvämningen av bajsvatten som täckte alla golv i alla rum på undervåningen. Processen kring vem som gör vad och när det ska göras har verkligen testat mitt tålamod. 453 woorden meer


Born a night owl. Die a night owl.

It’s all in the title. That is all… blog post over… sort of…

Dear peppy early birds,

Leave.Me. Alone.

Sincerely, all the night owls of the world. 774 woorden meer