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To Joke or Not to Joke?

As someone who comes from a family that loves humor, it sneaks its way into a lot of aspects within my everyday life – including my professional life. 473 woorden meer

Do Or Don't?

Happystate: New Admittance (03)

Brad Jolyna and Sylvester Blackdark entered the hall and sat in front of Happystate’s Justice of the Peace, preparing themselves for war. They were accused of public property destruction, undermining state authority and rebellion. 500 woorden meer


Character Background

It’s sort of like you would imagine it: dark, damp, a chorus of the damned screaming for mercy. And there I was in the middle of it, at a job interview. 505 woorden meer

Captian's Log


If I haven’t heard from you already, I need your advice!

I’m going to create Bo’s Cafe Life merch and I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything. 95 woorden meer

Particular - One Word Prompt

I sometimes get sad for no particular reason, particularly when I see someone being not treated right.

This could be poor service to a senior who is perhaps hard of hearing or poor in English language skills and being bullied at a clinic, restaurant or a place. 270 woorden meer


November 20, 1907: Before There Were Muppets

The name Frances Allison probably doesn’t ring a bell with most people. The radio comedienne and singer was born on November 20, 1907, and became well known to a segment of the television viewing… 290 woorden meer

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Slight Changes to Ruin Things

There are countless untold stories, myriad ways to create and add to the human experience.  The wonder of existence knows no bounds and we should all probably spend our time learning and growing and helping. 64 woorden meer