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From Boaty McBoatface To Footy McFooty Face - Intelligent Inspired Creative Advice From The Internet

(Image Credit The Natural Environment Research Council/New York Times)

A wise person once commented computers, machines and the like will only be as inspired and intelligent as the wise humans who create, utilize and manage them. 729 woorden meer


The TL:DR Bible: Isaiah 8-10

Chapter 8:

God: Hey, Isaiah, grab a piece of paper and write down, “Swift is the booty; speedy is the prey.”

Isaiah: Okay.

God: Great. Go knock up this woman and name your kid that. 484 woorden meer


6 (or more) Things that Annoy me About GIFs

Unfortunately, unless I’m willing to pay for a premium subscription, WordPress won’t let me put GIFs in this post to illustrate my point.  That’s okay, though. 377 woorden meer


OMG it's like totally a sign I need to buy new knickers...

I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a post saying “In God We Trust” and thought “…and then they vote for Trump,” which I found hilarious (my sense of humor is what it is…). 969 woorden meer