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Just because it zips.............

Remember this Oprah? If your under 35 probably not.  This Oprah went on a liquid diet and lost a ton of weight.  In the wagon is fat, the fat represents the weight she lost. 901 woorden meer


For One Writing Coach, the Political is Personal

SOMERVILLE, Mass.  Maggie Turbek once had hopes of making a living as a writer, fueled by a $700 check from The Atlantic Monthly for her first short story, “Goodbye Mrs. 1.148 woorden meer


You Had One Job

In January of 1965, my parents were married.

Mom’s friend she met as a freshman at Georgetown Visitation College in 1960, Susan Carozza, was one of her bridesmaids, along with her sister Becky (my namesake), and her cousin Mary Anne. 301 woorden meer


How It Feels To Be Rich, Famous, Young, And Thin

Here they are, goofing around on I Love Melvin

…and laughing with Gene Kelly (whose birthday was yesterday) on the classic Singin’ In The Rain… 29 woorden meer


Life Has Meaning Once More

It has been a rough summer.  Some dear family members are dealing with serious health issues, I’ve been struggling to get in shape, and I’ve been dogged with a bad case of the blahs for months.    986 woorden meer


"Sara's birthday's in the house"

I entered the health club this morning, thinking “will she say it?”and hoping she would — all while knowing how very silly it was.

“Good morning,” she said, as she scanned my card, and then, “Happy birthday, Sara!” 607 woorden meer