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Mind Palace. Do not get confused. It may/may not be royal for you. For me, it where I sojourn whenever I run into any problems or face a dilemma. 733 woorden meer


Light Bulb

Today in our supervision class for Internship, we broke off into groups and were listening to each other talk about our successes and struggles so far. 261 woorden meer

New Experience

Daily Bliss - February 11

The angels want us to know that the personal work we do has an impact, whether or not we see it in this lifetime. Don’t be afraid to do the work you need to do to be the best YOU that you can be.

Daily Bliss

The Viva: Preparing for the PhD Exam

The viva voce, pronounced as /vʌɪvə vəʊtʃeɪ/, is a latin phrase in the 1580s that means “by word of mouth”. Also known as viva… 998 woorden meer


What if...

…we didn’t complaint when something does not go as we expected.

…we were more focused on doing the important rather than being busy with urgent. 61 woorden meer


Impact of Valentines Day and all the fuss

“With Valentines Day around the corner”, how many places and how many times have you heard this same line ..I am sure you must have been bugged up with this already..the social media is driving us crazy isn’t it ..twitter, facebook and insta everywhere you are asked to upload photos with your partner and send them love messages.. 335 woorden meer


International Justice Mission

Last weekend, I attended the If Gathering 2016 conference.

One of the speakers was from the International Justice Mission (IJM).  She talked about the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband.   117 woorden meer