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We Need More Non-Famous People Doing Cool/Creative Sh**

I used to believe that a person needed a huge following in order to make a big impact.

But big is relative.

There is a vast, tremendous community of creative and bold people out here doing great work. 511 woorden meer


Glass Shop in Surrey Shows How Glass can Impact Bathroom Makeovers

The trend nowadays is to make bathrooms like sanctuaries, where the functionalities have a touch of style and luxury or grandeur. You see soaking tubs facing wall windows, so you can take a dip while admiring a view. 55 woorden meer


Highlight video: Becoming wives of huge influence!

Click below to watch this 8 minute video highlight from Squadron of Sisters :)


How wives can powerfully impact their men! (podcast)

On this talk show:  Grasp the vision of wives linking arms to become a huge, positive influence in the lives of their husbands so that their husbands are more likely to become mighty men of God! 27 woorden meer


His Glory Surpasses All

I’ve noticed that through the midst of this crazy semester, that one of the areas of my life that I’ve been slacking in is ministry. Sure, I read my bible and journal everyday but am I really loving people like I should be? 677 woorden meer


The Beauty that Lies Beneath

As a society we tend to gravitate to the negative.  In the media and news we constantly hear stories about people who are making poor choices.  244 woorden meer