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Women in the workforce - What’s holding them back?

By Hina Shaikh

The lack of women’s participation in Pakistan’s economy is both a gender equity and a developmental concern. Estimates have suggested that if women’s economic participation is at par with men, the country’s GDP can increase by 30 percent. 1.307 woorden meer


Hating my depression

Today i’ve been ill. It has left me with a lot of time to think. That’s never good. I’m very much aware I live in my own bubble but after therapy and knowing I will be learning how someone else sees me, I haven’t stopped thinking about how other people perceive me and the impact my depression has on them. 138 woorden meer

Multitasking Is Killing Your Focus

We, humans are not good at multitasking, despite what many will tell you. We end up doing a bunch of tasks poorly. We are not machines and therefore don’t have the ability to slice up the time in ways that will be the most productive. 385 woorden meer


God really doesn’t want your best

Please hear me out on this one. God doesn’t want your best. He wants your all. The great things about you and the not so great things. 252 woorden meer

JLSD Human Trafficking Awareness Rally

The 5th Annual Junior League of San Diego Anti-Human Trafficking rally was held in Balboa Park on January 13, 2018.

Speakers included 53rd Congressional District Congresswoman Susan Davis; San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan; Assembly Member Brian Maienschein of California’s 77th State Assembly District; Jamie Quient, President of Free to Thrive; Joseph Travers, Executive Director of Saved In America; Todd Hemmen, Supervisory Special Agent, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); and Derek Neth, Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations. 69 woorden meer



I remembered when i was in school, i belong to a group (though it was without the school authority’s knowledge) where we pick an inspirational topic and discuss among ourseleves (just to motivate each other), so i actually decided to speak on… 488 woorden meer


Side-Impact Accidents – Feizy Law Office

Often, a broadside collision happens at an intersection due to a negligent or reckless driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign, yield the right of way, or stop at a red light. 86 woorden meer