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A Legacy of Courage: W.E.B. Du Bois and The Philadelphia Negro

CEO of Bold Guidance, Nichelle McCall, talks her tech tool to help students and parents…
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Black Power

When You Want To Be Someone God Uses

I meet people everyday who want to be used by God. Or at least feel like they are doing something for God that matters. They want to make an impact. 1.247 woorden meer


Expect the Unexpected

Shit happens.

Majority of the time, bad shit happens when you least expect it. Just like a quote that I came across recently noted, we have to realize that life is like a roller coaster, so happiness and sadness are never going to be constant. 1.365 woorden meer


Great to Greatness: Making a Difference

Did you know?  Regular people like you and me every day may see people driving in cars, biking on the roadway, walking by us in a store, or doing whatever we all may be doing at that moment. 346 woorden meer

6 insights for anyone who wants to Impact


(in·sight) Noun: the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.

We can only bare the insights of our own truths. 1.435 woorden meer


Cartoon is not your baby sitter

From last 5 years I am learning media and observing impact of media on society. I wanted to share my own experience. Yesterday I was talking with my older sister and suddenly I heard noise of crying of her 2 years old son. 876 woorden meer


In Celebration of the Magical J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter

Yesterday was July 31st.  While everyone knows it to be simply as the last day of July, for certain others, it also marks a different kind of occasion; one worth celebrating.  1.014 woorden meer

Human Beings