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Abbas, In U.N. Speech, Expected To Ask Nations To Reject U.S. Mediated Peace Negotiations Between Palestinians and Israelis


© GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/File | A file picture taken on September 20, 2017 shows Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas addressing the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City… 323 woorden meer

ISRAEL - New Regulations for Foreign Employees of "Hi-Tech Companies" and Their Spouses

Effective immediately, the Israeli Ministry of Interior has published new regulations relating to the employment of foreign experts in high-tech companies.

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ISRAEL – New Regulations for Foreign Employees of “Hi-Tech Companies” and Their Spouses… 12 woorden meer

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“Wagner” in Syria: Is the Iranian Tail Trying to Wag the Russian-American Dog?

The curious chain of events surrounding the speculative fate of Russia’s “Wagner” mercenary force in Syria suggests that Iran might have secretly manipulated this “private army” into carrying out a “suicidal mission” with the intent of provoking Russian-American tensions that Tehran could then leverage to its advantage in attempting to escape from what it may fear to otherwise be the imminent multilateral (albeit uncoordinated) “containment” of its regional influence. 2.928 woorden meer


Lessons From A Giant Slayer

Most of us are familiar with the story of David and Goliath. I had an opportunity recently to study and meditate on it and the Spirit of God ministered unto me a revelation I had not seen before in that story. 468 woorden meer


The Jerusalem Vote » Indian Defence Review

President Trump, on 6th Dec, unilaterally accepted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced the move of the US embassy from Tel Aviv there. It was not a decision in haste, nor did it stem from his imagination. 17 woorden meer