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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)

I’d only ever seen this film once before and decided to watch it again with my boyfriend, as we were on a Nicholson hype after previously watching The Shining. 609 woorden meer


Days Since Last Shart: 0

We’ve all been there. We’ve all sat or stood, stock still, in silent trepidation. We’ve all felt the embarrassment, the shame, and the panic that comes with the sudden realization that you’ve just shit yourself. 909 woorden meer

If I Have To Be The "little Spoon" One More Time, I'm Going To Lose My Shit

A Movie A Day #309: Back Door To Hell (1964, directed by Monte Hellman)

The time is World War II.  The place is the Philippines, shortly before the famous return of Douglas MacArthur.  Three U.S. soldiers have been sent on a very important mission to knock out a Japanese communication center before the American invasion.   381 woorden meer


"You got a big surprise coming to you. You're not going anywhere!" - THE SHINING

Everyone watches their favourite horror films on Halloween, but over the last few years I’ve dedicated October 31st to THE horror movie, and seeing it on the big screen for the first time recently, a thought struck me… This might be the only film ever that gets scarier the more someone watches it. 427 woorden meer

Danny Torrance

EARTH2 RETRO REVIEWS #2 [Tim Burton's Batman]

Justice League Week Continues With a Retro Review of the 1989 Batman Movie… Moe, with help from the Super Friends . Go into this movie, and then Dissect batman Films as a Whole.. 42 woorden meer


The Shining: A Spacial and Temporal Examination of a Spectral Narrative

In the beginning of Place: An Introduction, Tim Cresswell describes the significance of placing a specific art exhibit, one foregrounding Bollywood movies, in an elite Swedish town where only the 1% tend to visit, in part because it’s difficult to get there.  2.465 woorden meer


The Departed (2006) Cops Or Criminals?

RATING: 3.5/5

DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese

One must wonder how Hollywood actors work on set when their characters are complex and so intertwined with each other. Should an actor stay in character during off days? 527 woorden meer