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Fun Fact of the Day: The Shining Bat Swinging Scene

According to the Guinness Books of Records, the scene where Shelley Duvall swings a bat at Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, has the record for number of retakes with 127 shots. 60 woorden meer


A 007 home theatre, 12 bedrooms and a bowling alley: This is what a $333M house looks like

The new mansion that developer Bruce Makowsky is selling for CAD$333 million comes with 150 pieces of original artwork, $40 million worth of classic cars (his estimate), a dozen high-performance motorcycles, and a deactivated helicopter. 959 woorden meer


Jack Nicholson To Retire After 60 Years In Hollywood

This is sad…but expected! After 60 years in Hollywood and a record 12 Oscar nominations, Jack Nicholson is said to be retired. The accomplished actor’s friend Peter Fonda made the revelation recently at a party in LA, … 140 woorden meer


My Review of The Broken Land (1962) - A Jack Nicholson Retrospective

Click here for the introduction and the first review in my Jack Nicholson Retrospective.

Ah… The Western. A genre that dominated the early days of cinema and led to the successful careers of many an actor. 477 woorden meer



CHINATOWN. Jack Nicholson as private eye Jake Gittes arrives at a swank mansion.

As he approaches the door, he hears something.

Evidently it’s coming from the limo. 292 woorden meer


Is Jack Nicholson about to retire after 60 years in Hollywood and three Oscar wins?

After making 66 films and being nominated for twelve Academy Awards, Jack Nicholson may have shot his last scene, according to one of his close friends. 680 woorden meer


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

          Guess who we are going to talk about again…. Here’s Johnny!

          Ok, it’s not Johnny, but I don’t need to tell you how I feel about Jack Nicholson. 359 woorden meer