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Film Review: "Geostorm" (2017) ★★★

Do we know if the weather can be controlled by a group of scientists, some big corporation or even some country’s government? Not really. But is it possible? 618 woorden meer

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Kidnapping Mr. Heineken Review

“There are two ways a man can be rich in this world, he can have a lot of money or a lot of friends. But he cannot have both.” – Freddy Heineken, Kidnapping Mr. 1.158 woorden meer


Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 3: Luke 21:25 Recap

In this episode, society and individuals continue to unravel. People don’t need confirmation that the Hard Sun files were telling the truth, they instinctively know that something’s going on, and that this is the explanation. 9.235 woorden meer


Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 2: One Thousand, Eight Hundred Days Recap

The overt theme of episode 2 is protection of loved ones and how that’s best accomplished. Do you tell all and keep them close? Do you keep secrets and keep them at a distance? 6.780 woorden meer


Filmas: Globalinė audra / Geostorm (2017)

O, radau keletą filmų, kuriuos pradėjau aprašinėti dar praeitais metais, bet taip ir nepublikavau, tai dabar ir supublikuosiu.

Šiaip tikriausiai į šį filmą būčiau nėjęs, bet susidėjo dvi aplinkybės: globalinė audra, t.y be galo milžiniška katastrofa, t.y. 333 woorden meer


Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 1: The Sun, The Moon, The Truth Recap

My review of season 1 is HERE.

Hard Sun is the code name for a secret government file of documents that show the progress of a world-wide extinction level event occurring over the course of the next five years caused by changes in the sun. 4.278 woorden meer


Hard Sun Season 1 Review

Welcome to HULU and the BBC’s new apocalypse prequel! Hard Sun is a 6 episode crime drama/”end of the world is coming” combination, from Luther creator Neil Cross, focusing on two detectives who accidentally find out about the prediction that there are only 5 years left until the sun destroys life on earth, and an MI5 agent who’s determined to keep the news under wraps and maintain normal society for as long as possible, no matter who she has to hurt to do it. 531 woorden meer