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Geostorm Review

Of all types of movies, “disaster” movies are easily my biggest guilty pleasure. Watching cities fall due to fires, floods, earthquakes, alien invasions, meteors, volcanoes, global warning and hurricanes is always a good time. 623 woorden meer



Geostorm (2017)
★★ / ★★★★

Disaster films tend to entertain in two ways: expensive special and visual effects and a script that plays upon the emotions of the audience like a piano. 567 woorden meer

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

Geostorm - Film Review

Geo = The Earth


Storm = Storm

Geostorm begins in 2019. Remember that, 2019, an unspecified time in 2019 so at most two years and two months from now. 614 woorden meer

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If Gerard Butler’s recent filmography (‘Gods of Egypt’, ‘London Has Fallen’) is anything to go by it should have been pretty obvious how… 463 woorden meer


Geostorm: A disappointing Shitstorm

Me and disaster movies do not mix well generally. There is more emphasis on special effects than on characters. Therefore, most disaster movies are meant to look awesome than give off a sense of danger and urgency. 596 woorden meer

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Cataclysm itself: A ‘Geostorm’ film review

3.64 over 5 stars.

Geostorm is one film I somehow liked watching, but after scrutinizing the movie in multiple aspects, I found myself realizing how mediocre it was. 1.016 woorden meer


Geostorm (2017) izle

Geostorm (2017) izle
Sürekli değişen sıcak ve soğuk hava çeşitliliği artık Dünya’ya olduğundan daha fazla zarar vermeye başlamıştır. Gelişen teknoloji sayesinde insanlar Geoengineering teknoloji sistemini kullanarak Dünya’yı koruma altına almıştır…. 14 woorden meer

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