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UPSIDE DOWN is a sci-fi romance that's all high concept and very little heart

Rating: ★★1/2 

Argentine filmmaker Juan Solanas’ mind-bending leap from short film Oscar nominee to big budget feature imaginer is a boldly original high concept that’s visually vibrant but sadly, fails to wow in any of the ways you wish it would. 891 woorden meer


The Way Back (2010)

The Way Back is a 2010 film by Peter Weir about a group of men who manage to escape from a gulag in Siberia and walk all the way to India. 547 woorden meer


100 Word Review - Across The Universe (2007)

Based on the music of The Beatles, this is a musical you don’t need to have seen to know the words to. 

Jude (Jim Sturgess) moves from Liverpool to America where he meets and falls in love with Lucy (Evan Rachel Wood). 59 woorden meer

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Across The Universe!

Since I’m on a “Beatles” kick…

I’m not much for musical films, but Across The Universe is a favorite that I can watch over & over again. 111 woorden meer


From The Barn / The Best Offer

The Best Offer (2013) DVD release (4/29/2014)

Reviewed by Jeff 6/23/15

Every now and then one should take a risk in choosing a film to watch. 557 woorden meer


Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (a movie review)

That Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is based on a true story is one of the reasons I decided to watch it because I never knew such an event took place. 199 woorden meer

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The Best Offer (La migliore offerta)

Virgil Oldman (played by Geoffrey Rush) is infatuated with beautiful things. He’s made his living working with beautiful things – antique furniture, sculpture, fine arts and furnishings – in his very successful top quality valuation and auction business. 412 woorden meer