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Work Therapy

Writing has been a form of therapy the past couple of weeks. I was able to work on several articles about China-related topics for Dutch media. 82 woorden meer

The Break- up

8 years since I started to love you. 8 years of my life have been dedicated to you and only you. You have been the center of everything. 704 woorden meer


What could be next for TV News? (KJB120 Assessment 3)

TV Audience Now

Currently, TV news viewership is strong, with and more than six news broadcasts among the top 20 free to air programs every night. 1.564 woorden meer


Hammer Head

Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter

Nina MacLaughlin



We are Here:  Done!

Spoilers?     No


The lynch-pin of my morning routine (and my daily sanity) involves spending at least a half an hour in my trusty reading chair with a cup of coffee in one hand and an engrossing book in the other.  510 woorden meer


Oh Hello!

Hello Blogging world! My name is Leila, I am a soon to be fashion journalism student due to go University in London next September.

I’ve been following several fashion bloggers for a very long time now, always with a shred of envy to say the least, as I’m sure we can all admit to.

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I'm writing a novel in secret

Jessie Burton was an executive assistant and jobbing actress in New York when she penned her debut novel The Miniaturist. It turned out to be an international bestseller – but it started life hastily pelted into a word doc on her office Mac. 691 woorden meer



By Alan Goldfarb

So, Mr. Doclawyer, I’ll be conducting this interview so that we can tease out your winery’s story so that we’ll be able to entice some poor schnook of a wine writer out there to pay attention to your wines, even though there are a million others out there like you and yours. 738 woorden meer