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Petit Enhancements

“She got a new nose.” said the girl with long luscious black hair and dainty fingernails polished with French white tips.

“Really? Didn’t she get a new chin like two weeks ago?” said the girl with short blonde-ish hair, reflecting to an almost strawberry tinge, as she responded to the girl with the raven hair nonchalantly. 2.634 woorden meer


Do What You Want!

With a lot of big changes that’s been happening as of recent, I felt it was time to reflect on how often people follow their dreams vs following other’s dreams. 245 woorden meer


A Journalist's Journey - Badger Faced...

The greatest reward of touring the countryside with microphone in pocket and pen behind ear, is the opportunity for new experiences.

Badger Faced Sheep. A name that conjures copious images, but none as pretty as the sheep themselves. 238 woorden meer

Gareth Barlow

Getting my life together 101

I haven’t uploaded a blog post in three weeks and I feel it’s about time to explain why. This blog has no photos and fancy sentences, just me treating it as my diary. 525 woorden meer


We should all aim for greatness

Name: Tamara Murga
Graduation Year: 2016
Major: Journalism and New Media, minor in Creative Advertising
Current Occupation: Freelance journalist/photographer and Los Angeles Magazine Intern

What did you gain and benefit from being a student at Mount Saint Mary’s University? 266 woorden meer


The real picture is always different!!

As we stand in the mid way of our Master’s program our hopes to get into some of the best and leading journalism organizations is at its peak. 338 woorden meer

The Inbetweeners

“Cynical journalists will speak of the good old days. Others will take umbrage, hailing a current industry transition a positive revolution, perhaps even the most exciting transition in the history of journalism.” Fairfax Media highlights the importance embracing change. 300 woorden meer