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THE AWESOME by Eva Darrows

THE AWESOME by Eva Darrows
Ravenstone (Rebellion)
May 26, 2015 

Margaret “Maggie” Cunningham is sick and tired of being a mere apprentice to her badass monster-hunting mother. 302 woorden meer


Cute Spring Outfit

Heyyyyyyy. You guys probably don’t even remember me anymore since I haven’t posted for a while. Hehe.

Anyway, I found this random picture on my computer . 15 woorden meer

Annoying boyfriends,Inspiring Youtubers - Kathleen Lights💜 | Beaumoox


I feel like I need to broaden this blog a little and do more of my ‘lets talk’ posts. Beauty is obviously my main feature always on this blog but sometimes I feel like this blog could do with a few chatty posts because personally, I read beauty blogs and it’s very rare I find one which doesn’t feature at least some sort of chatty personal post. 945 woorden meer


‘n Handvol krummels en bekvol fluit…

Ons is vars terug van ‘n twee weke besoek in Namibië. In my hart voel ek weer rustig want terwyl ek weg was, het ek tog my Ghana huisie gemis. 588 woorden meer


When the past and present collide

I need to place a trigger warning. I feel like there is a lot of triggery stuff in this post. It’s taken me a few days to even decide to post it. 5.251 woorden meer


Make today count. You'll never get it back.

Life flies by like no bodies business and this quote could not be more perfect.

Today I went on a 3 hour road trip to meet up with a friend for a few days and meet some new ones. 251 woorden meer


Travelling with cats. A challenge...

Wherever I go, my cats go too. Travelling is a routine in our lives. Not coincidentally, I chose the Devon Rex breed: Devons easy travellers. Chatblis and Pernod jump into their joint travel carrier without effort as soon as I pack my suitcase. 431 woorden meer

Veronique Puts