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dogs on the run

by kat

when my in-laws took an extended vacation to visit family in north dakota, we dog-sat for their beloved german shepherd, trigger. our lab mix, erin, was somewhat of an escape artist so we normally allowed her to roam through our four acres. 523 woorden meer


#1 character tuesday // kenma kozume

awesome fanart above !! this post is about the amazing kenma kozume from haikyuu!! he appears in the nekoma team as #5 and is 169.2 cm tall, 58.3 kg. 119 woorden meer


Dagboek van Moek: 19/20/21 februari 2017

19 februari: Meestal moet ik al naar de slaapkamer in een van de onderstaande situaties:

  1. Mens is eindelijk gaan liggen dus ik kan me tussen haar benen nestelen met soms een aai hier en daar en wat gestrekte klauwen.
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A Kid Reads a Will

A father says,
“Don’t worry, kiddo. Don’t cry.
I intend to stay for a long, long time.
I might be forty-eight
but God can wait. 72 woorden meer


Easy Valentine's Day Makeup

For more makeup/beauty inspiration, make sure you’re Following LuxuryBeautyHeart. The blue follow button is to the right of this post or at the end–-(if you’re on a mobile device)♡ 140 woorden meer


dreaming of adventure

by kat

oh happy day! for years i have been squirreling away every penny possible toward a major life goal. with much fanfare (dancing in my head the dance my body will no longer perform), i have achieved a major step toward that goal. 673 woorden meer


Chicago Writes: Writing Conferences in 2017!

I’m a huge proponent of writing conferences. They’re great for honing your craft, learning about the industry, networking and meeting other writers, and many have pitch appointments and pitch events! 1.106 woorden meer