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Here I Kick-Off

Hello there:) It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Lone Typist and welcome to my blog.¬†Well, I started this blog to share my stories in hopes of finding another soul with whom my story resonates in some degree. 128 woorden meer


Saturday we had our first Kick Off Revival tournament here in Frankfurt. The results were the expected ones, even that the 0-0 draw between Christian and Jan was a suprise, since their last unofficial game ended 2-1. 6 woorden meer

Kick Off

Opening Up the Project: Kick-off Meeting in Vienna

Today, we held our inaugural project meeting in Vienna. For both of us this is our first textbook project, so our day started with a more general discussion on alternative propaedeutical structures of a textbook. 225 woorden meer


Let the Race Begin

Hello, my amazing readers and welcome back!

It’s been 372,903,298,048,203 minutes since my last — wait, wait. That’s not what I came here to write about. 114 woorden meer


Why is the lateral kick off return not more successful?

The lateral kick off return should be more successful in my mind. You can literally throw the ball across the field. This should be something coaches are training more players to do. 88 woorden meer


October Poll is Open!

Welcome to a new season of LBPSB Reads!

This month, in honour of Montreal’s 375th celebrations, we have a search and find book all about Montreal. 74 woorden meer

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