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Hello! Welcome to Poetry Tuesday: the day we dip (or dive) into the lovely world of poetry!

Each Tuesday from June 19 to September 4th, I’ll share a fun poetry activity plus a poem study for all ages, as well as an advanced poetry lesson for ages 14 and up. 898 woorden meer

All Ages

Fathers' Day

It was Fathers’ Day on Sunday, and whilst the kids didn’t particularly lament the lack of their Dad (in fact none of them noticed  – Youngest Son only remembered because I asked him if he’d wished his Dad a Happy Father’s Day), it did make me reflect upon E’s role as a ‘father figure’. 1.694 woorden meer

Clone Children

This weekend, I grabbed some small parcels of time and used them to create an illustration in my art journal.  I used last week’s Art Journal Adventure prompt, which was to use an element and repeat it at least three times, and combined it with a prompt I had missed that involved the number 5.  132 woorden meer

It's bragging time

I am smashing it with the twins!

I don’t usually brag about my parenting or try to make out like I’m a perfect parent because I’m always second guessing myself and worrying I’m doing a shit job. 163 woorden meer


Unleashing the creativity of children - Canberra Times

We made it to The Canberra Times. Check out The Canberra Times article on “Just Like Clockwork: A Musical”.