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Kook de rijst met wat zout. Bak ondertussen de kip en voeg de groenten toe zodra de kip gaar is. 47 woorden meer


“Kip” Sinclair founder of Sinclair Law Offices

“Kip” Sinclair is the founder of Sinclair Law Offices. He has lectured nationally to trial attorneys on medical malpractice and nursing home issues. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University in journalism, Mr. 34 woorden meer


GTA Killer Kip is a part of GTA vice city game, but it is improved version. There are many things are different in this, but one important item is that car can fly in Grand Theft Auto Killer Kip Game Download Free For PC Full Version GTA Killer Kip Game! 333 woorden meer


Crying. I Mean Editing. Sorry.

Pie (aka inner editor) and Kip (muse of some sort) are not on speaking terms these days. That’s because I’m editing draft zero into draft one. 387 woorden meer

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drawing: happy chicks, happy dragon

Ice cream and yarn parlour Da Giovanni in Swalmen will celebrate a Knitting In Public day. Seeing “kip” = “chicken” in Dutch I drew these knitting chicks in one of their ice cream holders. 43 woorden meer

Het Wolbeest

breikippen met een ijsje en blije bessendraak

IJs- en wolsalon Da Giovanni in Swalmen houdt een breidag op 23 juni. “Breien en public” = “Knitting in Public” = KIP-pen.

Heerlijk ijs! Prachtige wol! 45 woorden meer

Laos Practicalities

Before I start writing about Laos, I need to air a pet peeve. There are quite a few blogs online claiming to be the experts in travel and, in this case, state what money to take into Laos. 451 woorden meer