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Best kitten products August 20, 2017 at 11:00PM

Take 5 min to look at the best of 2016 products for your kitten, CatsOnWeb Products


I Has a Sad

Kitten got scared by a dog and is now sad. Vim makes things better.


Set your phasers to FUN! 

Last week a coworker of Kellan’s invited us over to her farm to play with BARN KITTENS! Long story short, after feverishly cat-proofing the apartment and throwing money at the local pet store, I brought one home with us on Friday. 199 woorden meer


Focker's Dairy

Did you know you could milk anything with nipples? Including cats? Directly, from the #Feline #FarmToTable, we give you Focker’s Dairy. Mmmmeow delicious! #cat #milk #shirt #fockers #dairy #meettheparents #deniro #benstiller


Caring For A Kitten That Isn't Weaned

One week ago today I was outside tending to my garden. I thought I heard my cat meowing, and she just wouldn’t stop. I went to go see what was wrong with her and it wasn’t my cat. 507 woorden meer

Use Small Adjustment Steps to Achieve Big Changes

Change can be hard, but identifying small adjustment steps can make your transition easier.

We got a new cat. I think I’m the one having the hardest time adjusting. 529 woorden meer

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