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Humble Beginnings

Although it shames me to the core to admit it, I was not always the wise and beloved ruler I am today.

Over the course of the next few days, I’m going to tell the tale of myself and my people. 476 woorden meer


Weekend Investigation

I have a cat; her name is Pandora. We met while I standing in a parking lot with a friend in Udine, Italy. A man in his 30s stumbled up to us looking completely shocked and uncomfortable, bleeding from his hand which held a tiny kitten. 742 woorden meer


Cuteness to get me through the day

I always say hi to this little guy on my way to work. I really wish I could have a pet, but I understand why we aren’t allowed to.

Photo Journal

Baby Pictures

Hi, it’s Foster again! Today I was watching Mom when she was supposed to be organizing the sewing room. But she got sidetracked looking through an old album of baby pictures. 618 woorden meer