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It's Kitten Time

My fiancĂ© and I got a kitten! We’ve always wanted a black cat. They’re like fuzzballs with eyes.

Ryan has had pets before, but this is my first one. 113 woorden meer


New addition!

In 2 weeks we get to pick up this little cutie, isn’t he adorable? We’re still looking for a name (though I like Loki for him). 32 woorden meer


How I met Loki, the little God of Mischief

It was nearly a year ago, I was cleaning the Cat Room of the animal shelter. We were running low on space, but not so low that I was worried, when animal control brings us a kitten caught in a trap. 880 woorden meer


Word Virus: XI

Update to the Word Virus page:

On Kitten by G. Arthur Brown

A book to read to all of the stray cats you strangle today so that they too might enter Kitten Heaven and leave this world of suffering.

Goathead Buckley