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This Tarot has gotten very shelter-centric all of a sudden. Five of wands.

 I will hopefully finish wands this weekend and start Pentacles (which will be hilarious, because I’m terrible at drawing nice even five pointed stars), in which case I’ll start showing y’all more than one at a time.   70 woorden meer

Friday at the Office

While reaching for the kibble jar, Blaze had inadvertently volunteered to work the weekend.


Pet of the Week: Huggs

(WTNH) -– This week’s pet of the week is an adorable 5-month-old kitten named Huggs.

Huggs is a domestic short haired cat, and the shelter named him Huggs because he loves to hug people. 51 woorden meer

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“If you must take my picture, then fine.”

“That was exhausting.”

“Time for a nap.”

“Don’t tell the dogs.”

“Actually, tell them. What are they going to do?  Bark at me? ”



The Cat House - An unexpected novelty in beautiful Antalya

If you travel to the wonderful country of Turkey, you will very quickly find that cats are a permanent fixture of almost everywhere you go. What I can only assume a mostly “feral” cats gather in every place. 554 woorden meer


Amazing Cat You Won't Believe What He Does

Amazing Cat You Won’t Believe What He Does.Starring Rufus, the amazing cat! You’re going to enjoy this video for the rest of your day (whether you like it or not). 9 woorden meer