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Kobra #2: Super-heroing a pulpy idea ...

Behold! The Bronze Age

Kobra #2, May 1976

“Code Name: Gemini!” written by Martin Pasko, art by Chic Stone. Editor: Gerry Conway, Inker: Pablo Marcos, Colorist: Liz Berube, Letterer: Ben Oda… 485 woorden meer

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Visszaszámlálás 4

A szívközpont

Innen áradnak ki az érzelmek, innen kapcsolódunk önzetlenül, szívből másokhoz. Innen indul ki az a kritikátlan nyitottság, amikor csak megfigyeljük a dolgokat, de nem ítélkezünk. 192 woorden meer

Servico – now to be available online

Servico have for over 20 years provided premium service on a full range of premium specialist office Equipment – Binders, Shredders, Laminators, Electric Whiteboards, Folding Machines, Paper Drills, Trimmers, Hole Punches, Electric Staplers and more. 303 woorden meer

Interview with Kobra and the Lotus!

Dave sits down with Kobra Paige from Kobra and the Lotus during the UK Headline tour to talk about their recently recorded double album, how her dad inspire it and how she recharges away from music. 1.095 woorden meer

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The Office Mailout – Make it easy with Servico

It’s a familiar scene. Time for the annual mailout. Or the term mailout. It’s done via the post. Why? Because now an addressed letter via ‘snailmail’ has more chance of reaching your intended recipient than an unsolicited email which will be stopped at Cloud level or be sidelined to Junk or Clutter in their email inbox. 285 woorden meer

Pieces of NYC 47: Peeping Bowie

Technically, this is not New York City.  It’s Jersey City.  But because Jersey City and/or Hoboken are more like NYC than Staten Island, I will include them in this series. 7 woorden meer

Street Art