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Eduardo Kobra, Brazilian street artist, to create five-story Bob Dylan mural in Minneapolis.

Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is known for his colourful murals, sometimes several stories high, all around the world. His work often consists of colourful geometric shapes intertwined with a realistic portrait of a person. 89 woorden meer


NYC Street Art + My New Job

As you may have noticed, street art has become a great love of mine, so I guess it must come as no surprise that I planned to hunt some down in Manhattan during my recent trip. 563 woorden meer


Superman 327 - Superman vs Kobra, and Mr. and Mrs. Superman begins

Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte pit Superman against Kobra in issue 327 (Sept. 78), which expands to contain a Mr. and Mrs. Superman back-up story.

Kobra, the would-be world conqueror, had last appeared a couple of months earlier in the pages of Aquaman.  338 woorden meer

DC Comics

Superman 326 - Superman reveals his identity on live tv

Superman openly exposes his secret identity on live tv in issue 326 (Aug. 78).

Pasko, Swan and Chiaramonte conclude the Blackrock story in this issue.  Pete Silverstone has no trouble explaining to Superman the mind control he has subjected him to, getting him to sign an exclusive contract with UBC, and setting up the interview with Lola Barnett, on which he will reveal his identity.  243 woorden meer

DC Comics

Burst of Colors in NYC

New York City gives me a sensation that I can only explain as the prickly feeling you get when someone is about to tell you something. 425 woorden meer