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Tolla Van Der Merwe het altyd gesê, oor seesiek, aan die begin dink jy, jy gaan dood, maar aan die einde wens jy, jy gaan dood. 1.702 woorden meer


#KOTs should first remove the log in their own eyes before they can point fingers at #CNN!

#SomeoneTellKOTs to first remove the log in their own eyes before they can even say #SomeoneTellCNN!
Kenyans were livid and angry towards the CNN because of a CNN reporter who said that US President Barack Obama was coming to Kenya, a country that is “a hotbed of terror”. 773 woorden meer

Maryanne Ito's debut album

Please share the love and support; check out the debut album from Hawaii soul singer Maryanne Ito!! Featuring amazing R&B with production by Daniel Sauls, DJ Sub Zero, Slapp Symphony, and more!!


Maryanne Ito

Beautiful music…if you don’t know bout it, you better get to knowin bout it.



Reading this letter it comes to mind that there are a lot of corner cutters  both within and outside of the music industry. There will be times where some one will be tasked with the unpleasant task acquiring music with out a budget… 226 woorden meer


Know your biz

I’ve sat flippin channels during creativity lulls and the whole time I’m watching for content and inspiration, but I find myself keying into the music. The scores, jingles, and music accompaniments 136 woorden meer


WOOOWWW! Crazy amazing KOTS Race!

Perhaps the craziest legal street drag race ever caught on video. Talk about driving skills! BEST SAVE & WIN OF THE YEAR @ KOTSVII

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