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Flash Review: Lucky Romance

You know that thing that kdrama heroines often do, where they choose to walk right into a bad situation, knowing that they will end up hurt or disadvantaged in some way, but they do it… 3.269 woorden meer

Flash Review

Foreign Drama -Master's Sun

Master’s Sun

17 episodes 2013

Why did it take me so long to watch this drama when it received such high recommendations?  I’m just not into paranormal. 646 woorden meer


Caravaggio remix 

Taking my vanderlizeing of postcards a step to far and am now fucking with old masters , the problem is it’s almost impossible to portray the powere of a Caravaggio in any sort of design astetic. 19 woorden meer


Quick Thoughts, #24

Flashes of light.

Crashes of noise.

Thor drops his hammer and the world shudders.

Darkness, rain, and wind.

We awaken from the slumber within.

Flesh rises with the chill and the storm rages. 108 woorden meer

6 things in my 6th month in GB

Wow. It’s been 6 months since I arrived in England. Time  flies so fast! I can’t say that I’m fully adjusted in here but I am now getting used to with a lot of things in here. 634 woorden meer


These Need A New Home

Some of these art pieces have been in our family for 40 years. We just don’t have enough walls anymore since our NYC co-op is in contract to be sold. 127 woorden meer