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Lego Dimensions - The Simpsons Level Pack review

I’ve already reviewed the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack and everything it offers, but for those with a little more disposable income and an unending hankering for those little plastic sods there’s more content to be bought should you so desire. 1.760 woorden meer

Chris Scullion

Koenigsegg One:1 - Picture Special

This breathtaking creation is a Koenigsegg One:1, Sweden’s twin-turbocharged, 1,300bhp, rumoured 270mph, 1:1 bhp:kg ultra-rare hypercar. It’s the work of Pvdb, and it’s one of the greatest Technic supercars that we’ve ever posted. 134 woorden meer


All Four

A modern Audi might just be an overpriced Skoda driven by a sunglasses-wearing, tail-gating douchebag, but there was a time when to drive an Audi was the understated choice. 169 woorden meer



When we started the LEGO® City a few months ago we made this huge table. You can see a picture of the original table on our first post. 295 woorden meer


Training for the BOT Olympics

Our first event of the BOT Olympics is on the horizon! The BOT trainers have spend the past few days working on understanding the relationship between the circumference of their BOT’s wheels and the distance that the robot travels. 139 woorden meer

LEGO EV3 Robotics

BB-8 : Skunk Encounter.

Skunks do get some bad rep.

That thing is a skunk that’s part of a blind bag Minifig.