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The Elves, forced into action by hunger, are back on the hunt for the best Lego creations the web has to offer. Today’s find comes from Flickr’s Peteris Sprogis, who has created this charming Model Team style classic Volkswagen Beetle.  19 woorden meer


Restock and Coupon: Renault FT / M1917 Light Tank

This WWI favorite is back. The Renault FT / M1917 was the first tank to have a  main gun in a fully rotating turret.  The Renault can be built in French or American production releases.   75 woorden meer



“The days are already much longer than they were last month, so I feel it won’t be too long until I find myself some more company. 46 woorden meer

Game stop LEGO 13-inch Jurassic World T-rex Game stop exclusive

If you pre-order LEGO Jurassic World (at Game Stop) you will get a 13-inch LEGO T-rex set. This is most likely a Game stop exclusive and if it is I’m sure a lot of people are going to go after it. 67 woorden meer


Apple Mühendisi Legolardan Makine Yaptı

Apple da çalışan yazılım mühendisi Andrew Carol tam bir Lego meraklısı ve kendini Legolardan oluşan elektronik bir alet yapmaya adamış…

Plastik Lego parçalarını kullanarak ortaya çıkardığı ayrıntılı programlanabilir çizim makinesi ilk karalamalarını yapmayı başardı. 98 woorden meer

A Fully Functional Turntable Made From LEGO

The LEGO toy can certainly bring ones imagination to life. “Life” in the sense that the things you make with LEGO are tangible objects. However, LEGO enthusiast and creative designer Hayarobi actually builds a fully functional turntable completely made up of LEGO bricks. 86 woorden meer