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LEGO gets feminist with more diverse line of female characters

The world’s largest toy-company decided to play its part for gender equality when it released a massively popular line of female scientist ‘minifigures’ last year. The idea was born on the LEGO Ideas website where fans can come up with their own product lines. 136 woorden meer

Human And Civil Rights

Brynjar Makes Waves At Titanic Belfast

Today, Brynjar Karl (aged 12) from Reykjavik, Iceland, fulfilled his dream to visit the home of the Titanic, Belfast, after building a six-metre scale model of the Titanic using over 56,000 LEGO® blocks. 424 woorden meer


The shape of things to come

Here’s a little hint for my next project I’m doing 9 woorden meer


White Knight

It’s time once more for some TLCB history. This is a Russian T34-85 tank, the most-produced tank of the Second World War and the second most-produced tank of all time. 277 woorden meer


Spaceship! (x12)

The Lego Movie‘s Benny is sure gonna like this post…

Flickr’s Simon Liu recently held an Open Day at his moonbase build, and this is what turned up: Twelve different classic spaceships from a variety of the net’s best sci-fi builders. 21 woorden meer



For the love of Lego, we went to Resorts World for the exhibit. Yeco has been collecting Lego and its mini-figures for years, so just imagine his elation when he saw these bricks in different creations. 99 woorden meer


KitKat Lego Cake

Another orderan kitkat lego cake…
Thankyou bunda yanti sudah order cake utk suami tercinta

Barakallah, semoga diberikan kesehatan dan selalu berada dlm lindungan Allah SWT. Amin YRA