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Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Importance of the Portable Glue Stick

Perhaps I’m a tad biased, but I’ve always said that our canine colleagues lack a little something, empathy wise. But then, nature will out, won’t it? 13 woorden meer


Ranking the Thor: Ragnarok minifigures!

Hi everyone! I’m sure you saw the ranking the Justice League figures post yesterday! Well, today I’m back with ranking the Thor: Ragnarok figures! 877 woorden meer


The LEGO Batman Movie Review

The LEGO Batman Movie is an animated movie by Warner Bros. It looks at the life of the LEGO Movie incarnation of Batman three years after the events of the LEGO Movie, set in Gotham City. 714 woorden meer


Make Like A Volkswagen...

…and split. This deeply cool Volkswagen split-screen barn-door camper van complete with canvas extending high-top comes from TLCB regular Redfern. Chrome detailing is in abundance and you can see more at Red’s photostream by clicking here.


​Marvel Animation Presents: Spiderman Swinging to Disney XD, Guardians of The Galaxy coming at you and a new Lego Movie building hype!

Today, Marvel shared with the world their latest plans on the animated side of their empire. With mentions of new seasons, Guardians of the Galaxy and a new Lego Movie, Spiderman definitely stood out. 350 woorden meer


Lego Worlds' Space Expansion Is So Damn Cheerful

(Source: kotaku.com)


Sandbox building adventure Lego Worlds gets its first expansion today, taking players into the classic Space setting, where millions of Lego fans have gone before. 207 woorden meer


LEGO Breakfast

LEGOs have become a mainstay of kid’s playtime, why not breakfast? Using just LEGO blocks, BigBros Production makes a somewhat appetizing breakfast, including toast, eggs, jam. 19 woorden meer