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Like Water and Air

Like Water and Air


My roots grow,

but I want to be water and just flow

on this winter-less place where in time

I can find my own way and alone… 122 woorden meer


Increase Your Audience’s Spending Time on Your Blog (2 min read)

1. Know what the readers want (and create it).

The best way to increase the amount of time your audience spends on your blog is simple: … 471 woorden meer

Millionaire's Digest

Misguided - a poem

Whispers of the long dead suffer silently

For wants of their former lives, those

Shouts of the entitled living call harshly;

Streams lost amidst the clamour for more. 29 woorden meer



I know now of Life’s lessons;
Memories and thorns;
A will that lessens;
And those i mourn;
I know now of renewing scars;
Wasted chapters and pages; 50 woorden meer


GUEST POST – Festive pink pamper day — Lindsayrose

I wrote my first Guest post! Please check it out over on Lindsay’s blog. So happy and proud of it xxx

Hi, I am Anni from Glücksgeist.

58 woorden meer

Journal #227 - Just is

The sun rose dressing the world in yellow warmth,
yet it looked all grey and black;
With all my might, I rose and tumbled out of bed, 80 woorden meer

Life Journey

Look at reality...

Look at Reality
through a lens of humility
and openness
that allows
you to see
ever more
of the truth
of it.

© 2017 Dennis Ference