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WATCH: Law Student Pours Bleach On Men To Stop 'Manspreading'

Anna Dovgalyuk is a 20-year-old law student at St. Petersburg State University and has generated plenty of viral attention for her stunts on public transportation. In her latest video, Dovgalyuk can be seen going around the metro and pouring a mixture of water and bleach onto the laps of men she thought to be “sitting aggressively” in order to raise awareness about and to stop “manspreading.” 325 woorden meer


Today I was thinking about what I could post to sum up the past whirlwind week that has been @redmagazine #smartwomenweek and, having forgotten to take any of my own photos, I wasn’t sure how to best represent all of the amazing moments that absolutely made the event for me. 77 woorden meer


Be a Fountain, Not a Drain

I believe in the person I am becoming. We rise by lifting others, and I am learning to lift myself along the way. Staying positive is not always easy to do, but drowning in negativity is the easy way out, and I don’t want a way out of anything. 545 woorden meer


learning to drive 'late'


I’ve spent the last four to five years wanting to learn to drive – I turned 17 and was so excited about being on of the first of my friends to be old enough to learn to drive and I never got round to it. 524 woorden meer


Over the door shoe rack

I have had lots of questions where I got my over the door shoe rack! It is honestly SO nice and fits A LOT of shoes!! 25 woorden meer


The Power of Touch...or, are you speaking the love language that works?

In my previous post Sleeping Alone I wrote about how Cuiplash and I have recently and gradually become disconnected from one another and our D/s and my challenges in reconnecting. 806 woorden meer



It’s not easy to forgive when you’ve been wronged gravely. At times, reconciliation is not even possible. You may have to walk away from the relationship, but you can still forgive. 265 woorden meer