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Love for the Sake of Allah

Sometimes in life, Allah blesses you with a friend, a companion, a person who you can say the words I love you without any doubt.. 798 woorden meer

I'm here

I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. My husband decided to start his own business, will 2 to be exact a home improvement company and an electric. 151 woorden meer


The 3 Cs Of Marriage

Let’s be honest here – MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK. It isn’t a cure all solution to an already failing relationship so if you are looking to get hitched so that your relationship can be saved, just forget it. 540 woorden meer



tell me you do

miss something about me

you haven’t forgotten all about me

I still cross your mind

tell me even in the tiniest bit

you know who I am.


The Letters From the Land of Flamingoes

Dear Moon,
How are you my precious? Hope this letter finds you in great health. Is my little princess angry with me for not sending a letter every week? 306 woorden meer



Growing up, my grandmother and my mother have always instilled the idea that less is more to live a content life. Last week, I was sitting down in a café with a good friend of mine, discussing my current life predicament where the conversation of quality over quantity sparked up.  492 woorden meer


I AM Has Sent You

God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM. (Exodus 3:14a)

No longer is Moses the self-sufficient man that he was in Egypt. There, Moses brazenly killed an Egyptian for beating a fellow Hebrew (Ex. 185 woorden meer