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Remedy for clogged arteries

Pour apple cider vinegar in a jar, measure “two fingers” of the vinegar, fill up with water, and drink one of that to each meal, 3 times a day, for one to two weeks. 8 woorden meer

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The Thought of you!

I was thinking to write something new.

But in my head, it was thought of you.

I hold on to my thought to see if its true and the second I gave it the importance it disappeared just like you. 65 woorden meer


Yarrow / Wiesenschafgarbe / stolisnik / rman / milenrama / achillée millefeuille / millefoglie (Achillea millefolium)

The whole budding herb can be applied at loss of appetite, light cramps in the digestive system, disturbances in digestion and troubles in menstruation.
Outer application with infectious Skin diseases, for wound healing and particularly for hip baths at psychovegetative caused painful cramps in the lesser pelvis of women.

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