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I avoid you so
you won’t see what I’ve hidden;
feelings I’ve driven.


I’ll keep you safe

From The cold autumn rain

You’ll keep me safe

From The bright summer sun

We’ll grow together

Our roots are the same… 73 woorden meer



Maybe it’s beautiful because it’s incomplete. (My view about Alai Minar and an affair of the heart.)
– Manikiran

dreams where I lay, rough draft, new song

your a rain upon my field of stone

growing the flowers I’ve never known

you’re a melody snared in my soul

a tune not heard since my child grew old… 79 woorden meer

Dear White People,

Recently I posted an article about this white woman telling her experience of being married to a Fijian person and how him and his son have experienced a disgustingly large amount of racist hate crimes. 1.266 woorden meer


The pureness of God's love

One thing about God is that while we were wallowing, saturated & enjoying our messy lives, He died for us. Willingly! (Romans 5:8)
Because we are so valuable & so worthy in His eyes that even though he doesn’t agree, condone or enjoy the lives we choose, He is willing to risk rejection by us (which many have) to show us how much He loves us. 301 woorden meer