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Madonna Gets Naked to 'Vote with Katy Perry' in Support of Clinton

By Jon Wiederhorn

Madonna may not be as young as she was when she courted controversy with the graphic nude photos in her 1992 coffee table book… 209 woorden meer


Madonna does a Katy Perry and posts nude selfie in support of Hillary Clinton

Madonna has followed in Katy Perry’s footsteps by sharing a nude selfie in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign to win the US presidency.

The Grammy winner urged Instagram fans to ‘vote for Hillary’ with a snap echoing Katy Perry’s, after the first of… 493 woorden meer


Madonna defiende a Rosie O'Donell de comentario despectivo de Donald Trump

Madonna dejó en claro que nadie se mete con sus amigos, cuando Donald Trump hizo un comentario despectivo sobre Rosie O’Donnell durante el debate presidencial… 242 woorden meer


Madonna Defends Rosie O'Donnell Against Donald Trump's Debate Comments

Donald Trump and Rosie O’Donnell have long been embroiled in a heated feud, but following the Republican nominee’s renewed criticism of O’Donnell during Monday’s first presidential debate… 211 woorden meer

Madonna Gave Her Son a Donald Trump Pinata for His Birthday

Madonna’s son David just celebrated his 11th birthday with something every anti-Trump person will want to take a swing at.

Yes, Madonna had her son and his friends wack away at a Donald Trump pinata. 93 woorden meer


MDNA - Madonna

É o mais desejado regresso de 2012! Madonna prepara-se para editar o seu décimo segundo registo de originais “MDNA”. O regresso da Rainha da Pop está a gerar uma enorme expectativa no público e imprensa dedicada como é hábito nos lançamentos da diva norte-americana. 115 woorden meer


Suicide Squad

A few days ago, I had this strange dream and to he honest, it actually frightened me. In my dream, everything’s black and white and there’s these group of people who are committing suicide and unfortunately (and to my horror), I was able to witness how they committed suicide in different ways. 666 woorden meer

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