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10 month update đź–¤

So I realise I’m a week late with this one! But better late than never hey?

A week ago my gorgeous little boy turned 10 months old.. 353 woorden meer

How I Met your Father: pt 2

The parking lot – kind of

I walk through the first sliding door, and look back. He is still standing there. Is he thinking about me, is he trying to type faster? 783 woorden meer


To a parent

Dear Mom,

You’re fast asleep as I write you this letter that you’ll probably never read. I thought for a while about writing a letter to the other parent, but know you deserve a letter more than he. 334 woorden meer

An Open Letter

Meet me at the Barre

Okay, no, not your local pub.. Come on guys, it’s 6:45 in the morning. What do you think I am, a drunk? Although I do enjoy a glass of sangria sometimes before noon but that’s besides the point. 524 woorden meer


Mis 10 reglas favoritas antes de tener un bebé (Que acabé rompiendo) !

1. Nunca va a ver la tele

Mi bebé tiene 3 meses y sí, hay veces que necesito un descanso y ver un rato la tele aunque sea Baby tv! 1.081 woorden meer


Granny on my shoulder

Granny’s voice has been a familiar refrain throughout my life, and even more so now that she has passed away.

There are many days where her words of wisdom echo in my head, giving me direction into whatever situation I am facing. 939 woorden meer

Mama only has 2 hands

*whining* ” Mama, mama, mom, maaaaaaaammmaaaaaa!”

This is what I heard 90% of my morning today and it is only 9 o’clock am…. man that sound can get old… 479 woorden meer