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Song for Final Work

Space Trip is a song that I made by the computer program Reason, it is one of my “music doodle” that I used to make when I was studing in Rome. 54 woorden meer

Accademia Di Costume E Moda

Staged Excitement At A Boring Show ... (Election 2016, A Summer Rerun?)

The Republican wing of the US national political oligarchy is naturally anti-Obama. The Democrat wing is stuck between pro-Obama and pro-Hillary. Those folk are struggling now to decide whether they can be pro-Hillary without being anti-Obama That is why Democrats may sound confused now. 323 woorden meer


ABC Thanks! (Day #6)

Today I thank God for… (cue dramatic drum roll, please)

French fries (without ketchup)!

Your future fat American friend, 32 woorden meer

Fun Postings

The Arrow wit the Heart Pierced Right Through It

Photo is from Twitter

There was an arrow who was getting tired of his pointy life. Until one day, he woke up feeling heavier than usual. 712 woorden meer

Just Me

Another Definition for "Sarah Palin"

Blue Nation has identified another use for the name “Sarah Palin”.

Her name has previously been associated with words like “insanity” and “comedy gold… 92 woorden meer

Illinois peeps, check out - Hillary’s Shelved Crown

Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are off and running, but with strides of varying grace.. via NYT Opinion http://ift.tt/1zu2N4a


Les Récifs Coralliens de ‪Martinique‬ sont Menacés…

Les Récifs Coralliens de ‪Madinina‬ sont Menacés…

Mais Nous Pouvons Annuler la Destruction Programmée des Récifs Coralliens de Martinique‬ en Signant cette Pétition ici !!! 92 woorden meer