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Battle of the Axe

2015 Battle of the Axe game against Marcus


Ghost Therapists

For the past six years, Marcus has laboured assiduously to learn the English language.  He’s been downright fearless, immersing himself in any conversation that presents itself, and he’s been steadfast, drilling note cards in the mornings, working crosswords in the afternoon, and regaling me with “word-a-day” vocabulary over supper in the evening, all while reading his fool heart out, tackling books like the warrior he is. 897 woorden meer


Chefs Recipes - Omelette Arnold Bennett by Marcus Wareing, Marcus

The now famous ‘Omelette Arnold Bennett’ was the first dish Marcus Wareing put on the menu when he took over the Savoy Grill. Named after the novelist whose book was set in The Savoy, it was originally created by Savoy Chef Jean Baptiste Virlogeux during Bennett’s stay in 1929. 521 woorden meer

Member Offers

@EpicNameBro and the Question of Female Role Models

People get all fuckin’ flippy when you start talking about gender or sex –Marcus, otherwise known as EpicNameBro.

In September 2015, the Youtube user known as EpicNameBro was asked this question through a comment: 998 woorden meer

The Protean Scroll

Marcus watched as the thief pulled a cylinder from her pack that was the size of her forearm.  He wondered if that was it.  She uncapped the cylinder and pulled out a roll of parchment.  5.728 woorden meer


Catch the Moment 366 - Week 4

Is January seriously ending already?? What is even happening?

022 | Jan 22, Fri – Tina got her new coverup tattoo with the awesome Amanda of… 381 woorden meer