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Marcus Aurelius and the Christians

I’m going to conclude this mini-series on Marcus by briefly addressing the question of whether he persecuted the then novel Christian sect. (Part I of the mini-series was… 903 woorden meer


How to keep Diversity Alive

The article written by Brenda Alston- Mills used the main terms Appreciative Inquiry, and Appreciative Leadership, for Diversity within social change.

First, appreciative inquiry defined as a communication tool employers can use when trying to approach the subject of diversity. 332 woorden meer


The sayings of Marcus Aurelius

I have recently examined three surviving speeches by Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic emperor. Here I will take a look at a number of scattered sayings — i.e., bits that do not appear either in the speeches or in the Meditations — collected as part of the excellent… 740 woorden meer


The speeches of Marcus Aurelius

We are all familiar with Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, one of the most famous books of practical philosophy of all ages. But did you know that we also have three speeches attributed to Marcus? 1.378 woorden meer


Blōstmfrēols: A Holiday of the Larhus Fyrnsida

Author’s Note: This article was originally posted to “Of Axe and Plough” on March 17, 2017.  It is posted here with permission.

In developing a more comprehensive character to one’s religious identity, inspiration for practice can come readily from scraps of information or otherwise from the barest of inspiration.   1.863 woorden meer


My Review of Online Lenders.

With competition heating up among money lenders, now may be the time to get that loan you have been thinking about; buy the boat, add onto the house, a sweet vacation! 660 woorden meer