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May 20, 1997 - Tuesday - 3:00 p.m.

Please, take a moment and close this book.  Walk outside and breathe in the air of your own lifetime.  Take a minute just to say thanks to God. 340 woorden meer

Shooting the Shit

“I’m telling you, bruh … Don’t trust no internet hoe.” Marcus said has he took a shot at pool.

My friends and I were doing our weekly Mens’ Night at my house.  1.048 woorden meer


New Portrait: The Kiddos

My ever gracious alively host, Alexander, has produced a new portrait of my children:

I adore it.  I adore everything about it.  Especially all the little touches that make it so extraordinarily specific to them and their relationship. 1.026 woorden meer


Stoicism and the "inadequacy of the invincible"

Stoicism is not new to criticism. Many of the fragments of Stoic texts that we have, especially referring to the early Stoa, are actually from authors who were not just critical, but seriously pissed off at, the philosophy. 1.983 woorden meer

Modern Stoicism

Ever living Soul

Often we hear that soul does have everlasting life. There is no birth and death for soul. Birth and death are applicable only to the forms or to the bodies or to whichever forms we take. 130 woorden meer


Dark Heart

I have mentioned to you before how much I love Historical Fictions set in Ancient Rome. (Like this one!!) I have also mentioned how unbelievably picky I am about said books, and here’s why: I have found, more often than not, that the book will have a modern storyline set in an ancient time, with no real effort given to historical accuracy. 210 woorden meer

Historical Fiction