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Character Interview: Marcus

Slightly Unsettled Author (SUA) : Hello everyone and thank you for coming to this interview session. I’ll be talking to Marcus, whom some of you might recall from… 677 woorden meer


It couldn't get more superficial than this

And I thought that Bella’s love was superficial and grounded in nothing other than what the boy looks like.  This book makes that love story look like the deepest, soul reaching, romantic and well developed love story ever.   1.993 woorden meer


More than $5000 worth of goods sold

Hundreds of students attending the workshop combined their resources — Dallas Dollars — to bid on nearly $5,000 of items ranging from school supplies to an iPad to a drone. 249 woorden meer

Fighter Flight

The life of a corporate pilot has it’s ups and downs, as any job does. The pilot life is often filled with beautiful places and people but it also takes me to some less desirable destinations and introduces me to some passengers I’d rather forget. 1.441 woorden meer

Hey Marcus: Beware of Chip

Written By: Nolan Hastings

The Golden Years. Thirty years from now, that’s what I’ll call the Marcus Mariota era. Between the football seasons of 2012-2014, the Hawaiian defined a program, left me bedazzled and did it all with a humility so rarely scene in today’s self-centered, social media culture. 713 woorden meer


Briefly on Marriage

Over the past day, as I’ve processed the momentous decision handed down by the Supreme Court, I’ve planned about ten different versions of this post. 406 woorden meer


Trying Hard to be Better People Quotes

NeverShutUp.com, seriously. Go do that.


{{GX: This isn’t a charity; this is war.
{{Jim: Haven’t you ever heard of the SALVATION ARMY!? >:(

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