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One-Eyed Jacks

The best thing Marlon Brando did in the 60s was a morbid little Western called One-Eyed Jacks. Paychecks came and went (Candy, The Appaloosa), but Jacks is felt. 402 woorden meer


Past Imperfect - #571

Director: “Has anybody seen Marlon? I need him on the set.”

Bitter Scriptwriter: “Why does he have to be here? My words are superb. Anybody could do this scene, assuming that they can read.” 593 woorden meer


Shakespeare at the Oscars

On this, the Ides of March, it seems befitting to devote some time to the rich history of Shakespeare in cinema. The Bard has been a source of inspiration almost as long as there have been moving pictures–the earliest, barely-extant film of one of his plays is a very short advertisement for a stage production of  1.627 woorden meer

Trivial Matters

Talking About Acting in a University Cafeteria

Today, I had lunch in our campus cafeteria. The big crowds had yet to arrive, and I saw our Theater Director eating alone. I loaded up with my grilled cheese sandwich and french fries and sat at his table. 357 woorden meer


Apocalypse Now Is Amazing

Major Spoilers For Apocalypse Now And Heart of Darkness Ahead

I read Heart of Darkness and didn’t think much of it. It suffered from poor pacing which made a 110 page story feel like it went on forever. 837 woorden meer

Movie Reviews

"They Already Wrote Indiana Jones": My Foray into Screenwriting

Like Marlon Brando told me just before he passed away, “You’re too soft for this business, kid. Now get off my lawn, you’ll make it dirty”. 1.726 woorden meer

Which actors and actresses have won an Oscar and a Razzie?

Considering the Oscars celebrates the pinnacle of acting ability and the Razzies represents the very worst, you would think that few people have won both awards. 595 woorden meer