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Film Review: The Wild One (1953)

Also known as: Hot Blood, The Cyclists’ Raid (both working titles)
Release Date: December 25th, 1953 (Los Angeles premiere)
Directed by: László Benedek
Written by: 540 woorden meer


Fire Maidens Of Outer Space (1956)

“I wonder if the beings on Jupiter’s Satellite will look anything like her?” 

This comment between two men of science as they watch a shapely secretary ascend a set of stairs while the camera lingers longingly upon her figure for the benefit of the male population who have paid their entry fee to see more of what the film poster promises. 726 woorden meer

Daily Take

Taylor's Early Perception "Problem"

When I list Taylor Swift as one of my favorite musical artists, people are usually surprised.  Why?  Because of what I call her early perception “problem.” 404 woorden meer

Rita Moreno reveals Marlon Brando was much better in bed than Elvis Presley

Yes, Marlon Brando was one of the acting greats. He was also, as reports have continued to confirm well after his death in 2004, an accomplished romantic with a voracious sexual appetite. 438 woorden meer


Last Tango in Paris

(written in 2004):

It’s hard for a 24-year-old to sympathize with the kind of naked lunch you get in Last Tango in Paris. If the film leads to “candor,” my tongue is lagging: I like empty sex. 610 woorden meer



Swan, 2017 — Louis Carreon


You enticed with your light
Refused capture in silhouette
Front and center, full throttle
Even the pitch-black feared… 105 woorden meer


Southern Gothic

Before this, I’d never read anything by Carson McCuller’s although I’d heard of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe… 129 woorden meer

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