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de ce cărțile nu au murit încă și nu vor muri curând

Orice tehnologie care vrea să le înlocuiască trebuie să le reproducă – de la modul de organizare a conținutului și liniaritatea textului până la accesibilitatea de preț – ceea ce creează un paradox: nu poți depăși ceea ce mai întâi reproduci. 87 woorden meer

Stari De Fapt

Memes, Mediums & Marshall McLuhan

If you think the above title is hard to wrap your head around, just you wait until this week’s BCM112 topic: ‘the medium is the message’. 122 woorden meer


A Proposal

It’s the week before final exams, you’re rapidly typing up revision notes, Spotify is on full blast and you’re in the zone. And then, it happens. 1.036 woorden meer


Kardashian is the Message

The concept—the medium is the message—is best understood not through its literal meaning, but through the visible impacts it has on society.

Take the ‘Kardashian effect’ for example. 230 woorden meer


Planning Self Care, Part 2

Now, I decided to type my answers to the above questions in, because my printer does not work. It hasn’t for months.

I would like to hear of some tips from you guys about caring for oneself during World Autism Month/Day besides the ones I have posted here. 50 woorden meer