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The Dumb Default

In response to last week’s terror attack in London, we saw a swift, strong, and efficiently targeted official response. It’s reassuring to know that our media and government are working in finely tuned coordination to protect us. 24 woorden meer


The Krises and the Chrosses


If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering about who I am.

My name is Kristopher Bryan Luke Christou, hence the title of this blog being krisesandchrosses. 224 woorden meer

Kris Contemplates

"Cool" Front Cover Feature for the Sapphire Clock

The Sapphire Clock is featured on the front cover of this month’s “Cold Facts”, the official publication of the Cryogenic Society of America

The Sapphire Clock is a cryogenic sapphire oscillator that allows time to be measured to the femtosecond scale (one quadrillionth of a second), the kind of accuracy required for ultra high precision measurements; such as radar technology, long baseline astronomy and quantum computing. 65 woorden meer


ABC Presenter Featured Speaker at $85 a Head ALP Branch Dinner

Prominent ABC current affairs presenter and editor, Stan Grant, is the featured speaker at an $85 a head dinner scheduled for April, co-hosted by a branch of the NSW ALP, to honour former Labor leader, H V Evatt. 879 woorden meer


If It Is In Rappler It Is True

The war on drugs is only brutal because of that brute Duterte. It should be more pleasant like in the time of Noynoy. Rappler once again shows they are 100% and have ZERO agenda. 13 woorden meer