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Pemirsa : Konsumen dan Pelanggan, Penonton, Pendengar, Pembaca, Pengguna, Pemain, Teman dan Pengikut.

Konten media bisa menyenangkan, menghibur, bergerak, menarik, informatif – bahkan mengubah hidup. Sebagai konsumen, kita memiliki pengalaman dengan media. 4.894 woorden meer

Career Opportunities in CLA

Career Opportunities:

Students with specialist training in Communication and Language Arts have a wide variety of occupational choices such as being –


#OnTheCouchWith... Augmented Humanity



In today’s world we’re all having to learn how to cope with the pace of change and how to respond. The pace of change is something that – as consumers – we adopt without blinking but as businesses, we get stuck with the legacy of yesteryear. 436 woorden meer


The Billionaire-Owned, Corporate Media is as Worthless as Ever, by Michael Krieger

There are many activities which shorten lifespans. For instance: watching the Academy Awards, marching for leftwing causes, video games, and reading the mainstream media. Idiocy and lies, it turns out, are inimical to one’s health. 362 woorden meer