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Logic: How do it work?

Ayatollah Ted Cruz on the Sunday Talkies yesterday on This Week With A Greek Dwarf, talking about… 57 woorden meer


The Secular Brownie Episode 4: Explaining the Liberal Defense of Islam

In the video below, I explain the far left’s relationship with intersectionality theory, identity politics, and an exaggerated emphasis on victimhood and how that leads to liberals being protective of not just Muslims but Islam as well. 41 woorden meer


The Secular Brownie Episode 3: The Internal Defenses of Faith

In the video below, I discuss the mental gymnastics Muslims play to defend their faith and make it seem like a logical decision.  I wrote an article… 27 woorden meer


Touch of Light in ‘The Dark’of Seeing

By Marie Gift, 02 May 2016.

In the darkness of ignorance comes the brilliance of enlightenment, to highlight all the things we never knew. If ignorance was bliss, we could all remain happy, never wanting to know any more. 1.533 woorden meer

Dwyane Wade Just Found Out He Was Prince's Favorite Basketball Player

It’s pretty well-documented that the late Prince loved basketball. At the very least, we all know that the dude could play, according to one of the… 227 woorden meer