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Audio Bibles in Quiche.



One of the many precious feet that have walked through to receive shoes for school at our Manos de Jesus Shoe Factory. 24 woorden meer


'Top Chef' Power Rankings: 'Restaurant Wars, Part 1'

This week on Top Chef, it was part one of the world famous Top Chef recurring challenge: Restaurant Wars. That’s when the drama really HEATS UP, and we find out which contestants… 2.124 woorden meer


Reggie Miller Sends Shots At Drake And Now There's Ping Pong Beef

While you were sleeping, The Boy from TDot got himself caught up in more beef. While Mr. Twitter Fingers himself, Meek Mill, didn’t get caught in the crosshairs, TNT host Reggie Miller found himself borrowing his antagonist role and trying to instigate drama with Drake. 214 woorden meer


Peyton Lies, LeBron Lies...And Nixon Wasn't A Crook

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

– from “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”

We are currently living in a time when public figures and their well-paid flacks flood the media with legends. 456 woorden meer

Meek Mill Avoids Jail Time, Gets Sentenced To House Arrest And More Probation Instead

For a second there, it looked like Meek Mill was chasing T.I. and Gucci Mane for rappers with the most prison stints, but the Dreamchaser just caught a break in his probation violation case. 322 woorden meer


What I'm Trying to Say is...

The way some music artists glamorize drugs through their songs, the way it’s depicted, makes it seem like an activity one would enjoy doing.  This does not necessarily mean that is their purpose behind the music that they create, but that is the message that is being delivered to the audience of this generation and a large part of that audience are underage kids who merely understand the content of the song, and where is the ideal place to find meaning these days? 174 woorden meer