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The Danger of thinking that winning your battle won the war.

This week I had the great pleasure and privilege of attending a live debate on the #metoo movement. I was sold on the fact the panel was made up of well educated and highly thought of women; many of whom are known for their feminist views, feisty rhetoric and having the guts to stick a middle finger up to those who loudly tell them “enough!”. 1.545 woorden meer


Me too

Ja. Helaas wel. Ik heb er lang over nagedacht, lang over ‘gezwegen’. Maar ik ben ook slachtoffer.

In mijn situatie was ik aan het werk. Bij iemand thuis, alleen, als hulpverlener. 512 woorden meer

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The #metoo movement has been sweeping the nation as people bravely call out those who have abused their power for personal gain.  Calls to action at the societal level have inspired people to take notice of an issue that has previously been swept under the rug.   1.070 woorden meer

Social Work Month: A Great Month in Women's History

Published on March 21, 2018

“She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared, but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.” -Atticus 

March is a great month as it is social workers’ month and women’s history month. 978 woorden meer


Older Women- Silence

In their early working days, when these now older women were sexually harassed, they did not speak out due to the fear of losing a higher position. 111 woorden meer


Doing Nothing at a Party (While a Drunk Girl Gets Destroyed By a Sex Predator) - Elisabeth Horan

An open letter to Rob, Norm and the “Goombas” of Hanover High School, class of 1992.

I can’t be quieter,
more passive than this
for nothing can be the greater sin… 369 woorden meer


#MeToo #TimesUp #SpeakUp

Daar readers,

Today I have been thinking about a certain topic. Actually, this topic has been on my mind a lot of the times lately. 515 woorden meer