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I admit I avoided participating in the #metoo movement which swept social media late last year. Oh, I knew then that I’ve been sexually threatened, but the whole thing seemed too murky – I say #metoo and everyone wonders: was she raped? 1.416 woorden meer

Harvey Weinstein Surrenders to Police in New York City

Once prominent media mogul Harvey Weinstein turned himself in to New York City police early this morning, after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct. Today, the accusations came to a head when Weinstein was booked and charged with “first-degree rape and third-degree rape in one case, and first-degree criminal sex act in another” 388 woorden meer

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Al Franken To Leave Senate January 2

After weeks of uncertainty about his remaining time in the Senate, Senator Al Franken (D-MN) announced today that he would fulfill his promise to resign effective January 2. 378 woorden meer

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Senator Al Franken Announces Resignation

After over two dozen calls for him to step aside, Minnesota junior Senator Al Franken announced on the Senate floor that “in the coming weeks, I’ll resign.” This announcement comes after a total of seven women have spoken about their sexual encounters with Franken, ranging from forcible kissing to groping, both before and after his election to the Senate. 432 woorden meer

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Mixed Reports on Franken Future

After weeks of criticism after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, a Democratic official tells Roll Call that Minnesota junior senator Al Franken is deciding whether he will. 388 woorden meer

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Convicted Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Wants Conviction Overturned

At a time when sexual assault, misconduct and harassment are the subject of every breaking news story, Stanford swimming star and convicted rapist Brock Turner is back in the news again. 465 woorden meer

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Representative Blake Farenthold Paid $84,000 to Former Communications Director

At a time when payoffs for allegations were revealed to be taxpayer funded, a new name has entered the spotlight. Representative Blake Farenthold, a Republican congressman from Texas is reported to have paid $84,000 to his former communications director in the hope of settling an ongoing dispute between them. 323 woorden meer

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