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Hybrid Vigor -- an Amazed and Astounded Me

In the eighties I took all my earlier, darker attempts of visually documenting my life-discoveries to the dump, where I watched the scavengers come and take my “old” works. 1.872 woorden meer

Mental Health

Carrying on from my last project- the #metoo bedsheet rape culture exhibition, I wanted to see if I could take the project further and how. 147 woorden meer

Fine Art

The Journey Begins

The buzz around the world involving women having a voices, is an empowering act called the #metoo movement. If you google ‘#metoo’ you will see that the Me Too movement,with many local and international alternatives, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. 287 woorden meer


#MeToo Matters!

For a long time, society has not addressed the issue of sexual harassment and assault. It was something left unspoken or seen as a private matter that was often left unacknowledged. 726 woorden meer

New Music Release #1 by Franklin

Hot Seat Records Dedicates this Song to #metoo and Other Victims of Trauma


What must we report: The church and its crucial #MeToo moment

It happens every day. Women and children, and sometimes men, are victims of physical, sexual, mental, and other types of abuse. Many are too afraid or embarrassed to seek help. 1.476 woorden meer


#MeToo is cleaning up Bollywood and we might finally see talent getting its due!

By Martin D’Souza | Opening Doorz Editorial | October 22, 2018

It’s been quite a hectic month. Skeletons are tumbling out of the cupboard and predators are finding their exit gate. 734 woorden meer