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What if Wes Anderson made food videos?

We’ve all watched the Facebook and Instagram food videos way more than we should! Yes, it’s fun and tempting to see all the properly-measured ingredients, the neatly sliced veggies and meat… and of course, the final drool-worthy presentation of food! 150 woorden meer

Food Tutorials by David Ma

Following instructions or a recipe doesn’t always come easy to me. Sometimes I get tripped up on even the simplest steps. Other times I am better reading things out loud or just viewing a visual. 55 woorden meer

This Or That

The Island (2005)

Plot: Set in 2019, the story follows two clones as they figure out the institute that they’re holed up in hasn’t been telling them the truth. 335 woorden meer

Science Fiction

You Have To See This Food Porn Shot In The Style Of Famous Directors

Food style and film style often go hand in hand — because we all love a good bit of food porn. You know what we mean, those slow motion shots of melted yellow cheese cascading towards macaroni or broccoli or the fat of a smoked brisket glistening in the hot Texas sun. 577 woorden meer


New Transformers Animated Film on The Way

Hasbro has confirmed during an annual investor conference call. No details on the film are available yet, other than that it will take place in the… 39 woorden meer


The Rock (1996)

The upcoming generation (as well as my fellow millenials) will find it hard to believe there was once a movie as entertaining as The Rock… 517 woorden meer

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