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Making a multi-player game mobile-friendly

In my last post, I got the ‘Java Man’ game running smoothly with some basic animation and straightened out the game loop. In this post, I’m going to try to make it mobile friendly by give an alternative to the keyboard to move around.  1.191 woorden meer


Battlefield: Hardline Tips and Tricks - Professional

Rounding out the four playable classes in Battlefield: Hardline, today we’ll tackle the Professional. The Professional is Hardline’s sniper class – long range rifles and spotting are the name of the game. 729 woorden meer

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PS+ Line up to be delayed

For the second month in a row Sony have opted to halt their announcement for a week for unknown reasons, many suspect that this is to be able to compete with the Xbox free games that are being announced, something I think is unlikely see as Xbox one games are just as piss poor as Sony, if not worse (that’s on the new platforms). 133 woorden meer


Battlefield: Hardline Tips and Tricks - Enforcer

We’ve got two more classes to go over here with Battlefield: Hardline – we’ve already hit the Operator and Mechanic. Today let’s look at the class that I’ve played by far the most – the Enforcer. 1.024 woorden meer

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Apologies (and a question YOU can answer!)

Good day!  I wish to express my apologies for my inactivity over the past few days.  I have been unable to decide on a game to review and have also had an extremely busy weekend.   76 woorden meer


Game Review: Mario Party 10 (2015, Wii U)

Reviewed by: Phantomhour (Brendan Graham)

It’s no secret that Mario Party is one of Nintendo’s most successful franchises. The mini games are addicting, and the board game aspect was brutal among friends, and took ruthless strategy. 389 woorden meer