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Top 5 Garry's Mod Gamemodes

There is no shortage of gamemodes to play in Garry’s Mod. Apart from the base game Sandbox there are dozens of other user-created gamemodes that each celebrate Garry’s Mod’s ordered chaos in their own unique way. 1.244 woorden meer


Battlefield 1 Impressions

January is here, everyone has created their New Year Resolutions and still feeling bloated after all the chocolates and Christmas dinner consumed during the holiday period. 416 woorden meer


Battlefield 1

This review only focus on the Battlefield 1 single-player campaign.

I don’t usually play competitive FPS games, on account of their time-guzzling nature and the fact that I’m somebody who really only plays games for immersion and story. 553 woorden meer

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A review of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

As most other gamers can agree, Call of Duty is a very worn out game franchise. We’ve had them following trends until they were so overused that people wanted to stop entirely. 770 woorden meer

Call Of Duty

Why Gaming Anger Couldn't Be Funnier.

The gaming community can at times be a vindictive place to frequent. It’s a culture fraught with misogynistic taunting, racial intolerance, juvenile profanities and brazen discriminatory behaviour that people wouldn’t dare express if not for the intervening shroud of anonymity afforded by the Internet. 1.085 woorden meer


Review: Overcooked

The most fun you’ll have while screaming at your friends about pots and greens. 419 woorden meer


Bring Back Couch Co-op With These Addictive Titles!

When I was a young tot, all my video games had couch co-op options. I remember this vividly because it made playing games around siblings annoying, because you never had an excuse not to add them in when they wanted to play too. 718 woorden meer