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People of The Sun

Happy 4/20 everyone! Today is my second favorite day of the year after my birthday (July 6). And for this special occasion I made a GTA Online crew and named it… 58 woorden meer

Slacky craft [Week 1]

Day 1
So I started out my first time on the now stable mod-pack’s server in the Spawn house.

With nothing to say I own I decided to head west in hope of a good flat area to build a proper base. 233 woorden meer


Crowfall: A New Exciting Take on Sandbox MMOs.

Crowfall is a New Take on the Tired MMO Formula

Two months ago I did something I never have before; I backed a video game on Kickstarter. 1.264 woorden meer


I'm Tired Of It: Playing Games With Others

I’ve been playing games for a very long time.  Yes…….I remember when Pong was an arcade game – that’s how long it’s been.  One of my main reasons to play games is to relax and escape into some make-believe world where I can live out adventures that would otherwise not exist in the real world (although some games are just a little… 762 woorden meer

Thoughts On Life

Crazy Pixel Streaker

I couldn’t be more excited for this game.

So far it looks to be combining ALL of my favorite things in life… sports, games and humor.   130 woorden meer


Craving local multiplayer... that camaraderie.

I enjoy online gaming, it’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally come around and learned to enjoy myself (I even use a mic now!). Most recently, I’ve had a blast with Destiny. 435 woorden meer

ARMA 3: Insurgency

A couple of nights ago just about everyone was playing Grand Theft Auto 5 so a few of us who don’t own it jumped into a public server running Insurgency. 139 woorden meer