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A Soldier's Love for his Dog

I need you.

To carry me through the hot high heat,

My paws feel beat.

I need you.

As much as you need me, to sniff the enemy out, while we move about. 59 woorden meer


Pack for MWD at the beach!

check out the full post on The Crystal Press for what to bring to the beach for Memorial Day!


Veterans' Affairs

He had served the US military for eight years, protecting presidents and risking his life in combat, but when he was diagnosed with cancer after being discharged, the government offered no help. 39 woorden meer

Should vets receive free medical care after retirement?

Now, before you scream that I don’t support the troops,  I am not talking about people.   I am thinking about the 4 legged variety.  I just returned from working a class teaching emergency medicine (Canine-TCCC or TECC for you military or law enforcement types) to a large group of police and swat medics.   329 woorden meer