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Battle Over Adoption Rights to Retired Military Working Dogs

They’re the unsung heroes of war—military working dogs (MWDs) who serve alongside our troops, sniffing out explosives and standing watch to protect their handler and their units. 1.095 woorden meer

K9 News

Chapter 6

If you’ve ever wondered how Military Working Dogs or their handlers are trained, the following is a glimpse of what we did in training at the Scout Dog Handler School on Fort Benning in Georgia. 

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Kennel Talk - The MWDTSA Newsletter

I enjoy this every month and thought I’d share it. Please feel free to read and pass along. Once again, this is a great cause near and dear to my heart.  40 woorden meer


First time

Over the years I have slowly been able to bring back at least most of what my brain stowed away in denialville. Still, there are instances of either memory or imagining that flash into my mind’s eye for brief moments that leave me stunned, lost, unsure and unfulfilled.  

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On the Desk: Bedford MWD, part 1

Having started to build the stash up (all planned purchases, of course…) I’d found these great little Oxford Diecast 1/76 Bedford MWDs on a popular auction site. 179 woorden meer