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December 4, 1966  War Dogs of Vietnam

There are times when two highly trained individuals are able to function at a level higher than the sum of their parts.  Professional athletes like NFL linemen and NHL forwards are two examples.  619 woorden meer


Good-bye grass, hello gravel

 Remember when I wrote about a neighbor who was “unclear on the concept” of transitioning from a water-hog front yard of grass to one with low water-using plantings? 1.043 woorden meer

Don't Want To Cover It Up

Tattoos. Tattoos. Tattoos.

Some people have arguments against tattoos and some show support for them. Personally, I am on the side of supporting tattoos.  I have one tattoo (and plan on getting more) and I thought about getting a tattoo for a long time as well.   320 woorden meer



How often do you not see what you see? Driving along you look over and there is something over there in the distance. Driving up a road that seemingly does not take you to a destination. 150 woorden meer

Retirement of a War Dog

When you think of the military you probably just think about the soldiers fighting or stationed in Afghanistan. But you probably don’t think about military working dogs as another part of it.   323 woorden meer


Max the Movie and Life — TheTinaFiteProject

I want to thank my wife for sharing this post concerning what is seen on movies and what is actually life. There is only much that a movie, book, or program can cover when it comes to military life. 287 woorden meer


Battle Over Adoption Rights to Retired Military Working Dogs

They’re the unsung heroes of war—military working dogs (MWDs) who serve alongside our troops, sniffing out explosives and standing watch to protect their handler and their units. 1.094 woorden meer

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