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Camp Parks - Wildlife Oasis, part 4

This great egret finds the grasslands of the Parks Reserve Forces Training Center, aka Camp Parks, to be an excellent hunting ground. Its bill was already quite bloodied before it caught the mouse. 45 woorden meer


Striped Coralroot: Corallorhiza striata

Hidden deep in the forest, or happily saying hello in small forest clearings, this spring has brought an abundance of Striped Coralroot:Corallorhiza striata.

Corallorhiza striata is… 125 woorden meer

Cornwall. St Ives, reflections.

Art is a very subjective study. You either like it or hate it. You either ‘get it’ or not. To be a ‘maybe’ is to sit on the fence. 398 woorden meer


Hunkered Down

by Katie Strine

Betsy found a dead animal curled up among a pile of sheets in the basement. She figured it had crawled in through the rectangular window that sat above the washer/dryer set. 2.048 woorden meer

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Morning Observation:

This morning in Huntington at 7:00AM it’s currently 59 degrees under cloudy skies. Winds are out of the south at 3-6 mph. Relative humidity is 92%, dewpoint 57, barometric pressure 29.81” and rising rapidly. 441 woorden meer