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The best place for Dementia patients!

There is a fake village with fake shops and restaurants that is actually a care home for elderly dementia sufferers in the Netherlands.

Image source : gizmodo.com

Source : abcnews.go.com


Borgman (2013)

Stunning, imaginative, steeped in folklore with dark sadistic tendencies. This film blew me away and back again.It’s a little hard to explain the story but the film kicks off with the Borgman being evicted by some locals headed by a priest, he’s living in an underground house, along with some buddies he flees and strangely attaches himself to a family and instantly starts to prey upon the woman of the household slowly manipulating her to bend to his will, he sits on her chest at night giving her nightmares that influences her daily activities. 266 woorden meer

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Weert Parade

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and that means that carnival 2016 is over! The party-animals went to sleep and the associations can start thinking of a new theme for next year. 433 woorden meer


CARNAVAL - Netherlands Style

The most insane, annual party tradition I have ever experienced (or heard of!).

In the modern day, Carnaval is a four day event where the Mayor hands the town key over to the Prince of Carnaval who is then declared in ‘power’ of the town from Saturday to Tuesday. 737 woorden meer



Westermoskee (aka Ayasofya Camii) is the largest mosque in the Netherlands. It is located on the banks of the Schinkel canal in Amsterdam and built in the style of the Amsterdam School of architecture.


A strange intergalactic force is drawing our Milky Way galaxy inward..the "Great Attractor"


A STRANGE intergalactic force is drawing our Milky Way galaxy inward. We don’t know what, or why. But a hidden swarm of hundreds of nearby galaxies just discovered by Australian astronomers may help reveal the identity of the ‘Great Attractor’. 516 woorden meer

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131. Flying back home.

Hey guys,

Today started at 8 am. I didn’t sleep at all because I knew today is the day I had to say goodbye to my family again. 229 woorden meer