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The Pride in Truth

If you say something is true, then the opposite must be false. There is a certain ego and sense of superiority that comes with that. For example, if I say that this right junction is the way to the destination, and you say that it’s the one on the left, we’re both insisting that our opinion is true, and the other is false. 187 woorden meer



Then, short messaging services (SMS) in mobile phones made communication simpler by instantaneously sending our messages to our beloved. A minute or two was worth the wait to receive the reply from that special someone. 142 woorden meer


You who can do no wrong.

When something goes wrong, and all you can think of is who should be blamed, it says a lot about your character. Especially those who point fingers (or even insinuate sarcastically) and do nothing to help fix the situation, because to them it ‘wasn’t their fault’ and therefore they have ‘no responsibility whatsoever’ to mend things. 39 woorden meer

Not So Random

200 Posts!

30th December 2017 was the day I started my blogging journey with a micro tale named “A budding relation!” It was a joyful moment when a couple of fellow bloggers stopped by and commented that it was a good read. 98 woorden meer


Tiny Talks #7

“You should try talking to your friends instead of chatting with me every night,” suggested the moon one day.

“I’m happy this way. It’s difficult sharing my feelings with people who pretend to be busy all day. 13 woorden meer


Emojis vs Words

A word can have multiple known meanings;

an emoji has multiple unknown meanings.

Choose your emojis wisely!


Tiny Talks #4

“Why don’t you write your story?” asked the writer’s pen.

“People love to hear captivating and thrilling stories. And I’m here with a tale with no twists!” she sighed.