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Oh, Almighty...

Voices in my mind
amid the chaos
oblivion to
the reality
time struck
vision blurred
two minutes
of life and death
my motionless body
my pale face… 11 woorden meer


Then - Now #33

Then, memories were stored as photographs in scrapbooks.
Now, Facebook & Instagram store our memories.


Thought Process...

You aren’t a mere random thought,

you fill up my entire thought process!


One more time...

I walk towards you

with a hope of an embrace

covering my frowning face

with a mirth of excitement

just to feel you

one more time!


Right or Wrong!

It isn’t about
who is wrong,
what matters
is how right

we were about
each other!



… was the last time
you complimented
a stranger
not digitally,
in person
sharing a smile! :)


Then - Now #32

Then, we were best friends.
Now, we are mere Facebook friends.