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Some Thoughts on New Media and Identity

In the McLuhan selections, “The Galaxy Reconfigured” and “The Medium is the Message,” he focuses on sense ratio, the printing press and resulting commodification of literature, the Romantic practice of stream of consciousness and the simultaneity it facilitated, the role of electric media in proliferating that simultaneity, and the tension that results from coexisting technologies offering competing organizational models.   756 woorden meer


NDD 2018: An Extra-Special DOG DAY

Today is NATIONAL DOG DAY (NDD)!!!!! Why not International or WORLD DOG DAY! This year marks an extra-special Day of the Dogs, as according to the Chinese Calendar, Year… 108 woorden meer

The Front Page

Resolute, NU, Canada

This week Pegman is in Resolute, NU, Canada. Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the location. Feel free to use the image supplied in the prompt or snag your own. 106 woorden meer

Weekly Writing Prompts

Sugar Crash

Japan has a wider selection of flavors available to them than here in the States. Half of those flavors are some sort of matcha or strawberry, which I became taste-blind to it by the end of the whole ordeal. 137 woorden meer


Gus Mus ke PBNU: Bicara Politik di Kantor NU, Bukan Tempatnya

BERITA KITA – Mantan Rais Amm NU KH Mustofa Bisri atau biasa disapa Gus Musmengingatkan para pengurus dan pemimpin Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) berhati-hati dalam memberi pernyataan terkait politik praktis. 133 woorden meer

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