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"You grok that?" - Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land

I just finished reading the book. It is an entertaining as well as sophisticated read. Heinlein found the right balance between politics and social relationships. And similar to Bradbury and Orwell, he created a story critical of governmental control and secrecy. 221 woorden meer


Politics and the English language, by George Orwell

This short essay still has great advice to anybody who has to or chooses to write in their daily work. Here’s a snippet with some simple and profound rules for better writing. 67 woorden meer


George Orwell, Twenty Fourteen

First published by Catalyst Magazine online in February 2014.

What kind of book can be written decades before a certain date, only to remain relevant years after that same date? 955 woorden meer

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Marrakech - June 2014

I was starring out at the city filled with smoke. The residue of man-made smoke rose like mist, and in the dawn carried the rays of the sun around the city in a ring of fire that kept the ghost of the fire burning out of the ashes. 836 woorden meer

Michal Czerny

Kafka and the Myth of Sisyphus

Josef K. awakes one morning to find himself under arrest. His crime? Well, that’s the problem; no one seems to be forthcoming about what exactly he has done wrong. 319 woorden meer

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Emoji Doesn't Complement Language, It Limits Meaning

Emoji – the use of pictorial characters such as smiley faces to replace words – is emerging as a powerful replacement of written language. As of 2015, there are now over 800 emoji characters that have been developed by the Unicode Consortium, a software industry body whose 10 full members include Google, Yahoo, Apple, and Microsoft. 1.062 woorden meer


Transparency, Big Brother and Double Standards

What do you think? What would happen if everybody could easily access every little detail about anyone he wants, instantly? Even get notified about certain events (like Google Alerts). 343 woorden meer