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By George! Oh Well! War? Psy..No Why?


Since the truth, as is it’s nature, will be revealed, whether we “Like” it or not, better we peel the layers of the ONiON by our very selves, eh? 1.680 woorden meer

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes / Starting Sweet Potato Slips

Starting on October 23, 2015 we opted to follow the tips of the first video provided below, and the following illustration is how the Sweet Potato slips looked after about a month. 100 woorden meer


Catherine Austin Fitts - Mother Lode of Trouble Coming with Federal Budget

What is the biggest financial problem the world faces? Investment manager Catherine Austin Fitts, who is an expert in the federal budget and a former Assistant Housing Secretary, says, 183 woorden meer

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The Smallest Bank in Vermont

Six years of traveling Vermont for work and for fun, and there are still some towns I haven’t passed through. Vermont 251 Club states that Vermont has 251 towns and cities. 243 woorden meer

Historic Preservation