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Before Bourdieu, there was Orwell

I love this little passage, quoted on pg 172 of Zizek’s Trouble in Paradise:

We all rail against class-distinctions, but very few people seriously want to abolish them.

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Singlish vs Standard English: I say, RELAK, lah!

Confession: I possess no PhD in English Literature or, for that matter, a MA, Int’l Relations or a BA (Hons), Sociology & Int’l Relations (the last 2 from UK universities, no less). 799 woorden meer

Orwell, Trump, and SJWs.

This weekend I received, as a gift, a new copy of Orwell’s My Country Right or Left, which is the second volume of his collected essays and letters and reviews, and I had the opportunity to revisit the writings of one of my intellectual heroes. 515 woorden meer

Bathroom Words

Since March 23, North Carolina has been embroiled in a war of words about the so-called “bathroom bill,” House Bill 2, whose most controversial—and, notably, most innocuous—provision states, “Local boards of education shall require every multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility . 1.043 woorden meer


It wasn’t that long ago when Google’s motto “don’t be evil” was taken seriously by the general public. Nowadays we all know that Google has about as many scruples (or lack thereof) as any other major corporation. 453 woorden meer

Never Use the Passive . . .

where you can use the active.


This is one of George Orwell’s six writing rules. Here are the others:

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Animal Farm by George Orwell

Much like 1984, Orwell’s earlier Animal Farm is clever, cautionary, and unabashedly political.  It is a short novel with no page wasted on any unnecessary descriptions.   246 woorden meer