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What Do You Really Believe?

Belief is a powerful force. You have the ability to choose to think something is true without having the evidence to back it up in that moment. 871 woorden meer


The ideological and strategical difference between ISIS and Al-Qaeda

We tend to think that both Al-Qaeda and ISIS are similar in mindset and procedure.That is the one  grave mistake the western security officials are continuously making.In this article we’ll try to debunk that same,same,similar ,similar theory . 425 woorden meer

Saqib Malik

A Radical Strategy to Control Terrorism

By Arlen Grossman

Editor’s note: This is a revision of my November 20 posting.

1.War is not the answer. I don’t envision any military solution to Jihadism. 508 woorden meer

We created Islamic extremism: Those blaming Islam for ISIS would have supported Osama bin Laden in the ’80s

Jingoists conveniently forget the West’s Cold War strategy was to arm the Islamic extremists that became al-Qaida

Source: Salon.com, by Ben Norton

President Ronald Reagan gestures while talking to Burhaneddin Rabbani, a spokesman for the Afghan Resistance Alliance, at the White House in Washington, June 16, 1986. 1.061 woorden meer

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies

How Islamic Terrorism Was Born

This post is a summary of a great article by Tyler Durden via Zerohedge

Where did violent Islamic extremism come from?

In the wake of the terrorist… 1.572 woorden meer


PARIS ATTACKS: this looks more and more like two teams involved


Now that the immediate cops-and-killers Paris drama seems to be drawing to a close, some things look clear, but many others only slightly less confusing or implausible. 1.212 woorden meer