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Wikileaks Releases Half A Million Diplomatic Cables From "Year Zero" Of The Modern Era

Coming on the sixth year anniversary of the infamous “Cablegate”, when on this day in 2010 Wikileaks made global headlines when it unveiled classified cables sent to the US State Department, revealing assessments of countries and details of eavesdropping, this morning WikiLeaks released more than half a million US diplomatic cables from 1979, covering various diplomatic events and incidents such as the Iranian revolution, Osama bin Ladin’s departure of his native Saudi Arabia for Pakistan to support the Mujahideen, the siege of Mecca, Saddam Hussein becoming president of Iraq and much more. 1.263 woorden meer


Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

Osama bin Laden, architect of the 9/11 terrorist attacks (unless you believe the conspiracy theories), was killed in Pakistan on May 2nd 2011 as part of a CIA-led operation — wasn’t he? 1.250 woorden meer

Conspiracy Theories

Bombing is civilised but capital punishment isn't?

The murder of Jo Cox raises an old issue, for me, which I still puzzle over.
When I was young MP’s voted to abolish Capital Punishment, despite Public objections. 180 woorden meer


The Blair Years Part Four

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Thursday, November 10 2016

The Moral Imperialist Messiah


When Blair visited Pristina in 2010, he appeared onstage with nine boys who were named after him. 1.350 woorden meer

Ceylon Today

99 Word Blog (#065) SpotOn HuffPo Blogger Lucia Brawley

So… you say you’re voting for Donald Trump?

If yes… read Lucia Brawley’s Blog!

Even if no… read her true blue American sentiments anyway! 81 woorden meer