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sunday currently

i’ve just returned from my trek to the supermarket. i thought of attempting starbucks again (i still haven’t had coffee since thanksgiving, with the exception of that one fateful attempt two sundays ago), but at 00:35 this morning, as i was fighting sleep on principle (i feel like i’ve spent all of my time at work lately, and i wanted to vegetate, not sleep) and being aghast at… 922 woorden meer

Weekend Thoughts: Stuck

It has been a very busy weekend.

I went to a baptism with an old colleague of mine. Another old colleague’s baby was christened. I’m very happy to see how far she had come from that lanky, wide-eyed innocent girl looking forward to work with us to that composed woman entertaining her visitors. 235 woorden meer

My Day

Day 349

Clinking of glasses and sharing of smiles. We update each other on the little we’ve missed between the daily phone calls and rushed emails. I take them in to my beautiful building and show them the best that it has to give. 134 woorden meer



Another year on in life, making it a total of three since I officially graduated from university. This means I’ve now been out of university as long as I was in it. 1.437 woorden meer


4D scan...

So with Clark I went for a 4D scan mainly just because I wanted to see what they were about. The photo is in a frame and honestly I have never watched the CD of it mainly because my laptop doesn’t have a disk player. 348 woorden meer

Mom Blog


Back in 2015, we came across the Bloodhound world speed record project on Indiegogo

The ambitious British engineering project hoped to set a new world speed record of 1000 Mph. 125 woorden meer


Top 2000 café - Alle informatie op een rij - NPO Radio 2 - Presentatoren, producers/sidekicks, nieuwslezers en tijden

Een overzicht van alles wat ik via de Top2000 site en Twitter bij elkaar geschraapt heb.


Start Eind DJ Sidekick/Producer Sidekick Twitter Twitter Twitter… 270 woorden meer
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