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The speech

Hello everyone my name is Kerstin,

and I used to live in Bourke, it’s a little town up north in western New South Wales, I’m the second eldest of six kids, My child hood was less than ideal and as a consequence I suffered a lot, both physically, emotionally and mentally. 923 woorden meer


A Favorite Poem (Issue #33)


Welcome to this month’s “A Favorite Poem” issue, in which I share my current favorite poem with you. In honor of Pride Month (happening this entire June), I would like to share a LGBT-related poem from one of the greatest Romantic poets in history: Walt Whitman. 319 woorden meer


My Blog’s Name in Books Tag

Hello beautiful people!

While I was pursuing through the WordPress Feed (which I’ve been TRYING to do more in order to read all of your lovely posts), I came across a post by… 320 woorden meer



Oh hai there!

Things have been bad. So here’s a list of good things lately:

kittens kittens kittens

gluten-free cone ice creams and falafel and mushroom and chickpea veggie burgers… 32 woorden meer


Recipe of the day. Bacon cheese burger biscuit bombs

Bacon Cheeseburger Biscuit Bombs

  • Prep 25 min
  • Total50 min
  • Ingredients8
  • Servings, 8.

Get the best flavors of your favorite cheeseburgerbacon, steak-seasoned ground beef and American cheeseall stuffed in a flaky, buttery biscuit… 239 woorden meer


Robots and the industrial revolution

Speaking of robots taking over certain industries, let’s not forget that there are still some occupations and industries mostly or completely dominated by actual people and may continue to exist in the future. 120 woorden meer