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An Internet Button

Wow! Its been way to long since I sat down to share something. I’ve meant to dozens of times. But just never knew exactly what I wanted to share. 1.094 woorden meer


Feels odd being here this morning, at the winery. 

Had last two days off and was on campus all day yesterday.  But I snap myself out of it.  I get back into character.  Taking pictures of everything, even the cubes in cubicle-ville.  127 woorden meer



Much of my life has been spent saying the same things over and over to no effect. This is a kind of cut up poem (after William Burroughs) which shows the evolution of some of those things, in an attempt to explain, and to make those futile years into something creative, which I have really struggled to do. 274 woorden meer


Migraines and Skincare

Migraines are the freakin worst and I myself am no stranger to them. The past year I have been trying to find what triggers my migraines and how I can keep them at bay. 1.010 woorden meer



When I was 12 years old I eventually called 999 from a nearby phone box regarding aggressive behaviour by my dad which began when I was about 3 years old, only to be told off, returned home, and medicated for the whole of my teens. 442 woorden meer


Quest (Guest Post)

Polished with wax from honey bees

None other shines brighter than me

Mind set in stone

Heart expanding with hope

My lancet in place

I’d ride as far as my horse can take me… 80 woorden meer