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Choose between Nikon D750 and Sony A& III

I am looking for an entry level FF camera. I have narrowed down it to 2 cameras which are Nikon D750 and Sony A7 III. I have familiarity with Nikon DSLRs, but not with mirror-less cameras. 26 woorden meer


12 Days of Bookmas

We’ve reached the part of the festive season where you’re either still blasting Mariah Carey and impatiently waiting for Christmas Day, or you’re just dreaming of it being over.   110 woorden meer


56 Years Ago Tonight

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Some of you may recognize this.  It’s an annual tradition of mine.  It’s to honor the memory of a time precious to me, and a brief part of my life shared with a beautiful young woman who chose to share her love with me. 174 woorden meer


Country road

Leading to the far off mountains.