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Orchids and Snow

I have been attending the annual orchid show at the conservatory since 2012 and I’ve seen so many wonderful varieties year after year.  This visit was a little different because we were between snow storms at the time and there was snow and ice not only around the buildings but on them. 100 woorden meer


American Crow...

“If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.” ~ Rev. Henry Ward Beecher


Downtime is important for your health.

Everything these days is go, go, go. This week has been so FULL. Not much home time at all. And while I am not complaining, because I’ve gotten to spend time with Mum and family and friends (and get lots of appointments over and done with), I think it’s important for everyone to acknowledge that you need that time where you can sit down and do whatever you want to do without thinking about all the things you have to do and the places you have to go. 352 woorden meer

Mental Illness

Art Competitions online can be of real help to you

If you haven’t made headway to your creative processes then websites can be of great assistance to you. You shall find fellow photographers and artists to help you with a holistic critique that is comprehensive. 183 woorden meer



I love Leadenhall Market in the City, particularly on a Sunday morning, when it’s reasonably empty. It’s a gorgeous example of Victorian architecture, and has the prettiest Pizza Express in London.

A short poem and photo

They came before and we, following after,

Wonder or dismiss them as is our wont

For science and religion are today’s twin magics

And still, the sun and moon wander North and South, continually East to West.