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Doors Discarded Doors

Every week l find myself automatically snapping away as soon as l get anywhere near a door or entrance – For one reason or another many of these pictures don’t make it onto redstuffdan – occasionally some will find their way into our Google+ Doors Collection and some become Instagram posts, but most just sit in the ‘Doors’ folder on the computer consigned every so often to the “cloud” or the recycle bin, depending on how l’m feeling. 50 woorden meer


Old Knife's Finally Found?..

Everyone get’s nice thing’s in their life but this is one of the nicest. Wouldn’t say I’m “Close” with my grandparent’s but this is a lil heartwarming.. 56 woorden meer

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Experimental in London, UK

Experimental in London, UK.

Isolating colours and experimenting with photo editing software. 


Look Up, Look Down...

Look close, look far…it’s amazing what a different perspective you can have.

What we have: looking up through the shaded trees on the wetlands walk to see the brilliant sun; long distance shot at the arboretum, fall colors and flowers, shadows and light, and a path that leads you to the building; a grizzly bear close up, chomping on the fence to give you a bear hug; looking down–parakeets having a disagreement. 260 woorden meer