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Reading Room

Hanging out at the library. Here and there.

There is a world of difference between the outdoor reading room at the library in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the reading room in the Carnegie library (with the original fireplace and shelving) in Baraboo, Wisconsin. 44 woorden meer


Tales from a storied city

There’s a fire in my mind, and I take too many breaths. I fan the flames but no smoke comes of it. So I roll one, spark it, and try to melt into the flame; into my mind. 149 woorden meer

Picture This

Picture This: June Has Come And Gone (...Going)

Just like that we are at our last week of June!

A quick review of June…

We managed to catch Dinosaurize Me! 2015 before the exhibition closed.   283 woorden meer


Wild Bore

Inspired in part from reading a hilariously meaty article in an old issue of ‘Now Then’ and also from a long standing obsession with Boars from my old bore of a father! 94 woorden meer


Picture this

“If you can picture this – a day in December. Picture this – freezing cold weather.” Blondie.

Picture this, a scene of tranquillity, possibly one in which the surroundings are a reflection of our inner peace and outer calmness. 344 woorden meer

Brian Groves

+ 淡水 +

淡水台北市 Tam Shui Riverside Taipei City, Taipei
24 December 2014

Picture This


Living in natural surroundings,  I have become very aware of why the big 64 box of crayons is important. Everything around me is green, but not just one green. 62 woorden meer

Picture This