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Harlequin tables initially enjoyed popularity from the second quarter of the eighteenth-century. Several examples are known to have been made by John Channon and Thomas Potter – both esteemed London cabinetmakers. 125 woorden meer


Do you have the time?

‘Listen,’ said the man in the metal jacket. ‘Life isn’t a game.

‘You can’t hit escape when you mess up. And you can’t switch over when you’re bored. 564 woorden meer


This Steak Aging Sauce is a Secret Ingredient for Expensive Restaurant Flavor

* Adds Umami flavor
* Just a tablespoon seasons a pound of steak
* Adds golden crust when pan seared

The Sansaire Steak Aging Sauce is a sous-vide steak hack that lets you experience the flavor of steakhouse-style dry aged beef at home. 301 woorden meer

Food & Drink

Ac transit Van hool 

I can’t wait to see ac transit 30 and 35 footers gilligs and maybe new flyer xd40 and xd35


Picture This CVI

When preparing another post recently, I noticed something a little peculiar about this rather glorious chest of drawers (fig. 1). Study figures 1, 2 & 3 for the foible before scrolling down to figure 4. 60 woorden meer

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