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Why The Dutch Are Different by Ben Coates

When Englishman Ben Coates moved to Holland* he began making a list of ‘Crazy Dutch Liberal Policies’. He soon gave up because there were just too many of them to count: ready availability of cannabis and euthanasia, prostitutes given sick pay, moped riders without helmets, lots of nudist beaches, and so on… 317 woorden meer

'Crazy Dutch Liberal Policies'

A history of Dutch populism, from the murder of Pim Fortuyn to the rise of Geert Wilders

The 2017 Dutch election has taken on a significance for the international media that we haven’t seen for a long time here in the Netherlands. 1.177 woorden meer


Anti-Islam Dutch Campaigner Geert Wilders Shakes Up European Politics -- "We are going to de-Islamise the Netherlands very quickly and that is no slip of the tongue."

Anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders was accused of being a liar on Sunday for telling a German  television show that murdered populist politician Pim Fortuyn had been murdered by a radical Muslim. 423 woorden meer

Wilders's Plan: Time for Liberation

Pim Fortuyn, the hero of Rotterdam, the man who shook the country awake, once said, “Do not aim for what is possible, but what is imaginable.” He wanted to make clear that for us, the Dutch, nothing is impossible. 286 woorden meer


Eenvandaag onderzoekt complottheorieën

In de maand augustus behandelt Eenvandaag enkele hardnekkige complottheorieën. Met behulp van experts (psychologen, sociologen en historici) ging Eenvandaag op onderzoek uit met vijf ‘Complot of Not’ afleveringen als resultaat. 88 woorden meer