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The Random Chat Show: What's With all these Dystopian Worlds?

Runtime 32 Minutes. This week, The Random Chat Show talks about dystopian worlds in film and why they are so popular. We’ve got a new Random Moment . . . Plus ZOMBIES!


Kim @ Tranquil Dreams heeft dit herblogd op Tranquil Dreams en gereageerd:

Check out the next Random Chat Show! This week, in honor of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 release, we're talking about dystopian worlds. What works for us, what doesn't and why are they so popular? Hope you enjoy!! :)

H2O: In Which We Give Thanks

Another Thanksgiving, another opportunity to contemplate the good fortune we’ve had here at SciFi4Me. In this episode, we discuss the things for which we’re grateful — both personally and professionally — the most important of that being our staff and our supporters, without whom we’d just be two random guys in a basement… During Black… 8 woorden meer


ROGUES GALLERY: Ratings, Awards, Questions, and Speculations

It seems that Supergirl has finally settled in the ratings, still beating Gotham by a hair. Congrats to Gotham for the ACS award nominations. It is indeed a pretty show… Plus: speculations about the predicted death in the Arrowverse, along with the upcoming cross-over and what it might mean for Legends of Tomorrow. 11 woorden meer


GRIMM’s Quest

Episode 504 “Maiden Quest” This week I recorded the podcast by myself. It’s not easy talking to yourself and trying to remain coherent. I’ve always held that talking to yourself is not the problem. 28 woorden meer


Podcast #29 Electronica Pop

  • 00:00 Hal is Operational
  • 00:03 Black Dog Productions – Bolt7
  • 00:20 Jane – It’s a fine day
  • 02:04 The Residents – Moisture
  • 03:02 I Am Spoonbender – Stopwatch Static…
  • 85 woorden meer

Isaiah 7

As we follow the events of Isaiah’s time its important to read other portions of scripture to help get a fuller understanding of what is transpiring. 19 woorden meer