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Showing vs. Telling

There are many different ways people can communicate ideas. They can use alphabetic texts, images, audio and many more. Each of these modes, which are ways or manners in which something occurs or is experienced, expressed or done, have different affordances, which are indicators about how something is supposed to be used. 1.173 woorden meer

Interview with Anna Lo: Her experiences as an MLA in Northern Ireland

Last year I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Lo in her constituency office. I am still waiting on my travel expenses to be reimbursed by the radio station though. 37 woorden meer


#Podcast - #CleanCode: buenas prácticas, algunas experiencias y un par de risas

Hola !

En este episodio tengo la suerte de hacer una conexión Canadá <-> UK para hablar con Omar Del Valle (@omarvr72). La excusa es “ 193 woorden meer


The Anarchist Experience - 79

The Anarchist Experience Episode 79

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We discuss the continuing rise of Monero, what Rich learned from his vacation, the individual behaviors of those with a Statist mindset, and these headlines: 39 woorden meer

The Anarchist Experience

YOteetos Podcasts on SoundCloud AND YouTube

Morning everyone, Happy Monday!

Just wanted to post that my YouTube page is now up to date with my Podcast episode count. Moving forward, I will be uploading simultaneously on both SoundCloud and YouTube. 39 woorden meer

Decisions And Direction

PSA: Rewind paused

Regular listeners will have noticed that the Rewind retro section was absent from Episode 024: Muppet Show. If you’re wondering where it is, it can currently be found on the cutting room floor. 93 woorden meer