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What We've Been Playing | The Couch Co-op Podcast Ep. 38 (Part 2)

As promised, Russell spent more than an hour playing Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 and gives his thoughts on it this week. Keith has been delving deeper into Darkest Dungeon, Tom has been playing Reigns and trying not to get distracted from No Man’s Sky, and Gary has been trying to put his finger on what’s off about the Titanfall 2 Tech Test. 63 woorden meer


Joel's home away from home

We met up with Joel in Naturum in Ekenäs on a cold February day.  He moved to Ekenäs from the Philippines to work in his sister’s business and today he considers Ekenäs to be his home far away from home. 16 woorden meer


Four Tips for Conducting a Successful Podcast

Why are podcasts popular again? They were hot prior to 2010, but then tailed off in popularity. One of the reasons podcasts are trendy again is they fit conveniently into the needs of our increasingly mobile, multi-tasking lifestyles. 477 woorden meer

One Smooth Stone

Game Warp Podcast: Song of the Deep

Welcome to this month’s featured game review on Game Warp! We are catching up to the new releases this month and checking out recently released in July independent game, Song of the Deep. 142 woorden meer


Throne Watch Episode 1: Chance The Rapper

On this episode, Blessing and Himanshu discuss Chance The Rapper.

Throne Watch is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to hip-hop and popular music. Every episode we discuss an artist, review their discography and figure out exactly where they stand. 49 woorden meer


Ignored 106: Jeff Woods on Trouble

Jeff Woods (Radio, Records & Rockstars) puts the classic rock talk on pause and instead, joins Cam and Sammy to talk Trouble, the 2004 debut full-length from Ray LaMontagne. 19 woorden meer


Israel and the End Times

Ever since God promised Abram would be a nation if he followed the Lord faithfully, Israel has been God’s chosen people. Abram was faithful and the Lord has fulfilled that promise to Abram’s descendants. 50 woorden meer