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I had a great time being back on the circuit. That is where I belong.

In the real world, outside of poker, I’m often considered rude, blunt, candid, selfish. 994 woorden meer


Hands Up! This is a robbery

To give you a clue how I managed to lose during the last week I thought I would upload the odds of that specific hand that happened yesterday. 260 woorden meer

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Poker session #105

1. I’m glad I didn’t pay off the nittiest, nit today. He didn’t cold call a 3bet with JJ to set mine even ought he’s deep enough and did not play a hand for 3 hours. 505 woorden meer


Pieces Of Micro-Pie

I stumbled across a conversation on Twitter this week about a player selling action in a large comp.
From what I could understand, it was a $5k buyin live tournament, and the player in question was a serious and winning low-stakes online player, but was not a usual high-stakes live tournament player. 1.396 woorden meer



The train ride south was a lazy affair. Ten damn dollars to take transit that should be free… and electric. The rail runner happens to be a diesel so it chugs along like one. 563 woorden meer

The Hustle brings the Dollar

Hey everyone,

Time for some poker theory. Las Vegas is so much fun while winning and can be insane grueling while losing. I´m taught every lesson out here. 1.236 woorden meer

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