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Working in an art studio can be a creative and contemplative process. Of course not all the time. Sometimes paint spills on the floor or a giant bumblebee flies in through a window and dive bombs hapless residents (me) until it finally makes its way back outside. 202 woorden meer

Photo of the Day 8/6/17

I used the Hipstamatic app to take a photo of this Dahlia and then 16 woorden meer

Mobile Photography

Wave of Mutilation

People will wander where they will.

This is a snapshot of what bicyclists, pedestrians, and, sometimes, mopedists, do almost every livelong day to the flimsy piece of twine, draped with tiny flags, hung by the members of our co-op’s management board to prevent them from making this shortcut. 350 woorden meer


Backyard Point of View

In August, early morning is the best time to be outside in Phoenix, and the best time to water your garden. So, most summer mornings find me outside, sleepily dragging garden hoses from one flower pot to the next and contemplating the new day. 119 woorden meer

Hand Drawn Ink Pen & Color Pencil Drawings (Part 3)

Various hand drawn color pencil and (or) ink pen drawings.
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